silk and steel strings on a dreadnought

If I have inside gig they last two gigs. Gypsy Jazz guitars also use a sort of silk and steel. I like silk and steel strings very much. It's still much brighter than nylon strings, but a bit mellower than typical bronze strings. Paste as plain text instead, × i use plain ol' Martin medium or medium-light strings on my D1 dreadnought. Keep in mind that silk and steel and silk and bronze will sound quite different. They are certainly much easier to play (tension-wise) and on both my guitars (a Guild GAD 25 and a Lakewood D1) they sound fine for anything played fingerstyle, but struggle when I strum. To me it seems that most forum-Dreads are played stringless which has yet to be proofed at Naz-Fest 2010. I try to refrain from posting to too many threads in a short period, so people don't begin to suspect I have nothing better to do with my time.

They will wreck the tone of a good acoustic guitar because of the weird coating they use. Hey! What gauge strings do you prefer on your Martin dreadnought. Really simple. I find that they usually do, although I stopped using them because I'd frequently break one right after changing them, wasting $13. I use mediums, and sometimes I even slap on a heavy gauge E string on (.059).

They still use natural silk,though I doubt this makes any …

I'd think they'd work bettter on your FG75.

EJ40 SILK & STEEL FOLK GUITAR, 11-47. Registered User : Join Date: Aug 2010. They are usually used for light braced folk guitars. The main reason they're used on vintage parlors is due to the lower string tension. Some say that they only like silk and steel strings on arch tops and not flat tops. Golden Nehru Jacket Award, Friends of The Gopher Society. Martin Silk and Steel are nice and have a mellower sound than elixirs. I put Martin Silk and Steels on my D-18, and while I did like the mellow tone, I found them too light. Thanks! A heavy hitter!! I had a set of Martin silk & steel strings on an old Guild for 3-4 months. Not as bright as phosphor wounds, perhaps, but not nearly as dull as I'd feared. All posts copyright their original authors. I use custom lights .011-.052. Body size is a significant factor on which strings to use - for instance, using Medium gauge strings on certain small-bodied guitars can sometimes even do damage. #2 08-16-2010, 12:02 AM JohnnyDes. Dave, you don't really want me to tell you, do you? It sounded twangy and lifeless.

Either of the folks, same price. A guitar that does not need to be driven hard to sound good might not lose that much and the added warmth of the silk and whatever might actually do good.

The sound was dead, according to my ears. They tend to come apart before they break (if that makes sense). This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Martin Medium lights (.0125-.055) (or any other brand splitting the diff all across 6 strings). We need some more information. An Unofficial forum for those who love Martin instruments - Founded by Steve Stallings. I value their knowledge to match the best strings for a particular guitar. And if you glop it up by saying I use mediums on my HD-28, but lights on my '35 D-18, go with which one you play most... Or if you have multiple Martin dreads and string some with different gauges than others for whatever reason, go with the majority or your favorite... Mac Mechanic. I tried these recently an was pretty impressed.

bluzboy, February 23, 2011 in Acoustic Guitars. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Electra Outlaw, Ibanez acoustic, Washburn 7 string. A pack of strings is a pretty small investment -- you should try several different brands on your guitar and see what you like best. I mic it. It sounds fine.

But the amp takes care of the volume needs and I just like the feel of lighter strings and the sound. Always have; always will. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I'm pretty interested in trying Silk & Steel strings as i head they are good for folk and fingerstyle music.

what would be the main difference between silk/steel vs silk/PB other than the material? I’ve been using Martin Silk & Steel Strings on my 12 String Ovation for the last 3 years at solo gigs. EXPLORE OUR COMPANY; OUR FOUNDATION; CAREERS; ARTISTS; NEWS; RESOURCES; FAQ; CONTACT US; OUR PRODUCTS GUITAR+; PERCUSSION; ORCHESTRAL ; WOODWINDS; ACCESSORIES; Newsletter Sign up and get the latest info on gear, …

A bit different from standard silk and steels, but worth a look. I tried to post this reply, but Yuku wasn't having any of it. That SWS was a bright guitar and the silk and steel really brought the warmth out. Oh, well...Sorry to hear that, but I'm still going to give 'em a shot (in large part to see what impact they have, if any, on my joint problems).

Perfect for folk music applications and smaller guitars, these string set feature the use of silk in the copper to give that mellow, hushed tone that’s excellent for fingerpicking.

The heavier the better. Martin's dreadnoughts tend to have a very smooth and slightly boomy tone. I bought them at GC when they had some big sale and were clearing-out old inventory. Your priorities/preferences would play in here as would your setup. Silk & steel (turn in that dreadnought) 2(1%) Other (????) Strings are so personal; I play a D28 and always come back to regular Martin bronzewound strings (not the Marquis or S&S lines) as the right sound and feel for most purposes, Gotta go against the grain here. Think I'll stick with my original intent to put them on the FG-75, too (thanks, Terry), as I really don't want to sacrifice any of the FG-200's terrific sound quality. I'm pretty interested in trying Silk & Steel strings as i head they are good for folk and fingerstyle music. They no longer use silk but instead use a nylon filament that resembles silk. I picked up a set of Martin Marquis Silk & Steel strings today to try out (I was hoping to get GHS Silk & Bronze, but the local shop I went to didn't carry them), and looking for suggestions of which guitar to use them with. Find a Retailer.

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