silver surfer vs captain america

Sasunaru is too. I'd tell you guys to get off the topic of rep and back to discussing the main topic of this thread, but there isn't really much ot discuss. A mash-up between the Fantastic Four and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I don't know much about Captain Atom so does anyone have a good explanation on why he wins? captain america vs silversurfer Discussion in 'Comics Battledome' started by link2, Sep 30, 2006. Well, would be an interesting battle indeed. Why don't you enable rep, what's the point of having it disabled? I'm going to turn my rep back on and slow dance with a jerk with a lot of rep power. He can evolve life on a planatary scale12.He can cast illusions13.He can phase through solid objects14.He can access the crunch15.He can manipulate gravity16.He can even influence emotion. Atom or even Monarch can't do half that stuff, yes I know Atom created a universe and all but what does that matter he still got beat by Superman while Surfer wouldn't lose to Supes.In anihliation Surfer accessed the crunch to beat 2 Galactus level beings, so that's greater than any feat Cap or Monarch has ever done. if this is monarch thoughsurfer is going to die a horrible death, 1.Surfer can absorb way more radiation than any version of Cap Atom has been shown to do2.He can manipulate energy and matter itself, 3.He can augment his physical strength past Superman level, 4.He is faster than the any version of the Flash, 5. Bump or Ball or Bang or do whatever you want to do cause Silver Surfer wins and against regular Cap Atom he wins easy! I have to know. Wiki Points. Also both of them need a suit to survive. Who negged you to hell like that? Welcome to the forums! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mabey we can start a trend. His body is almost totally indistructable. Followers . I mean name a character thats been tricked more than him. This video is unavailable. Its called flushing brown waste,but as I was stating I don't think Cap Atom or Monarch would stomp SS but would very good fight. Please. The Power Cosmic would prove too much for him. Follow ... " current version imo :1.hercules2.silver surfer 3.thor I don't know about im and cap. You must log in or register to reply here. current version imo :1.hercules2.silver surfer 3.thor I don't know about im and cap. " superman prime would snap surfer in half and monarch stalemated himmonarch stomps surfer badlyand the captain atom that created a universe stomps surfer. if he can plus with the thorforce I see him capable of scoring victories over current Hercules and normal current Thor could win over the Silver Surfer 6/10 seeing the way he defeated Glory. SS would beat captain Atom but if it was monarch then it's another story, Monarch loses to Silver Surfer when he has the crunch Silver Surfer beats Captain ATom, if its the universe creating captain atom he wins in a stompif its monarch he wins in a stomp. Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! personally i think caps would just talk surfer down, surfers pretty stupid you know. We all get rep bars for the hell of it!! Norrin Radd lived on the peaceful planet Zenn-La (Deneb System, Milky Way Galaxy). Iron Man vs Captain america vs Thor vs Hucules vs silversurfer Thorstomp. PS: Why are Iron Man and Cap here? Only the Mystics I.E. Monarch was beaten by SBP. It would come up to ss hercules and thor but I believe that ss could win. Of course this is just my opinion. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I will go with the Surfer. Zatanna,Strange,Fate,Shazam,Stranger could stand against the Surfer. 12 years ago. What's SS gonna do to a seasoned soldier? @Rild is that guy in your sig edited or is he really flipping me off! Is that against the rules, talking about rep? Without the suit cap or Monarch can't live. Galactus created Surfer his body is indistructable.Now! Dude?Why dont  u not say anything at all. what are hercules new powers? Hal_Jordan1986. Please.Do yourself a favor and stick your head in toilet and flush. You are using an out of date browser. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > link2. I don't know how much rep Vash has, but he's an asshole. Though CA would be a good opponent. The Council of Scientists let Norrin use a spaceship to approach Galactus and plea for the sake of the planet. IM and Cap shouldnt even be in this fight...Current Herc? JavaScript is disabled. The Power Cosmic too much 4 CA,or any other heroe 4 that matter. link2, Sep 30, 2006. Captain Universe, Sentinel or Sky-Rider of the Spaceways, Silverado, Silver Savage, "Silvery Dude," “Shiny Dude,” “Silverado,” “Shiny Man,” “Surfer Man” Education Tutored in science by Jartran Radd and in the nature of the universe by Galactus; self-taught in various areas, especially history, and absorbed much Zenn-Lavian knowledge from "hypno-powered study cubes" Like the red. One day their peaceful existence was threatened by the presence of Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. 0. Everyone knows that Cap would decapitate Silver Surfer with his Adamantium/Vibranium shield. Messages: 12 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1 Joined: Jul 26, 2006 Reputation: i say silversurfer .

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