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Since most of the people in the villages sleep on their roofs they are woken up as the day light breaks. Round the town lies a cluster of suburban villages, Polish Folwark, Russian Folwark, Zinkovtsui, Karvasarui, &c.; and on the opposite side of the river, accessible by a wooden bridge, stands the castle which long frowned defiance across the Dniester to Khotin in Bessarabia. See the full definition for village in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for village, Nglish: Translation of village for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of village for Arabic Speakers, Encyclopedia article about village. serfage, and allowed to sell their labour as they pleased; they were, however, to a great extent kept in villages or settlements, compelled to cultivate landwhich they held for their life only, and strictly controlled by the friars or the priests. shore, they destroyed the villages of Punaluu, Ninole, Kawaa and Honuapo. Though slowly and steadily schools are being opened in villages, many villagers do not send their children to study. But the festivals, especially those of mountain villages or of pilgrimage churches, attract in the summer a great concourse of people, all in their local costumes. from the loch, is one of the pleasantest villages in the Highlands and has a great vogue in midsummer. above the town of Hail, which, like most of the larger villages, lies along the wadi bed at the foot of J. Dawasir; the whole of this hilly region of eastern Nejd is, perhaps, rather a rolling down country than truly mountainous, in which high pastures alternate with deep fertile valleys, supporting numerous villages with a large agricultural population. It brings a divine touch into human mind. In the northern half of the district the Tatar element predominates (40,000) and there are a number of villages occupied by Russian Raskolniks (Nonconformists). Villagers also give special importance to their customs and traditions and follow them religiously. At the beginning of the Christian era, and for many previous centuries, no eruption had been known to take place from the mountain, and the volcanic nature of the locality was perhaps not even suspected by the inhabitants who planted their vineyards along its fertile slopes, and built their numerous villages and towns around its base. They wind up their tasks by evening and go to bed early. The capital of the province is Shiraz, and the subdivision in districts, the chief places of the districts and their estimated population, and the number of inhabited villages in each as they appear in lists dated 1884 and 1905 are shown on the following page. Their villages, however, are often of substantial appearance: with houses of untrimmed stones, occasionally with two storeys, built on hills, and invariably defended by a bank, a stone wall or a hedge. There are also, especially in the neighbourhood of the lake, many ruins of ancient villages and cities. ==Monkey== In India the monkey-god, Hanuman, is a prominent figure; in orthodox villages monkeys are safe from harm. tains, are for the most part fertile, though sometimes dry, and are rapidly being covered with the villages of the Russian immigrants. The male members are mostly involved in farming and other agricultural activities. 5412) is the only town of importance, the rest being little more than villages. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. In all the upland valleys of the Abruzzi snow begins to fall early in November, and heavy storms occur often as late as May; whole communities are shut out for months from any intercourse with their neighbours, and some villages are so long buried in snow that regular passages are made between the different houses for the sake of communication among the inhabitants. Later, under the Hansa of the towns, the struggle for the maintenance of a coveted position abroad led to a more exclusive policy. Sheep-farming on a large scale was next introduced, and the crofters were thrust into villages or barren corners of the land. This fortress has been abandoned, and the town, which is the centre of a group of villages, is now fairly prosperous, with a bazaar of about Boo shops and a busy traffic with Seistan. The same thing that took place in Moscow had happened in all the towns and villages on Russian soil beginning with Smolensk, without the participation of Count Rostopchin and his broadsheets. Village life is calm and peaceful while city life is fast paced. Most of the villagers hesitate sending their children to the cities for the fear of losing or distancing them. Communicating with people living in other areas can also get quite difficult for the villagers due to poor telecom infrastructure in these areas. was first formed in 470 B.C. The province has the following buluk (administrative divisions): - (1) Astarabad town; (2) Astarabad rustak (villages); (3) Sadan rustak; (4) Anazan; (5) Katul; (6) Findarisk, with Kuhsar and Nodeh; (7) Shahkuh Savar. The central zone includes Hejaz (or Hijaz), Nejd and El Hasa; much of it is a dry, stony or sandy steppe, with few wells or watering-places, and only occupied by nomad tribes; but the great wadis which intersect it contain many fertile stretches of alluvial soil, where cultivation is possible and which support a considerable settled population, with several large towns and numerous villages. The Mutawileh (Motawila), who form the majority of the inhabitants of the villages north-west of Galilee, are probably long-settled immigrants from Persia. of broken, hilly country, in which is a part of the state park of Middlesex Fells; it includes the villages of Melrose, Melrose Highlands, Wyoming and Fells. Villagers may not be equipped with modern day technologies and gadgets but they have their own ways of enjoying life. 1564), Dush (with remains of a fine temple bearing the names of Domitian and Hadrian), &c. Around their tombs their descendants settle, and thus sacred villages, often of considerable size, spring up. A general law of 1872 provides for the organization of municipalities, only cities and villages being recognized, though there are still some "towns" which have failed to reorganize under the new law. In the southern and western German lands towns and fortified places had long existed; but in the north, where Roman influence had only been feeble, and where even the Franks had not exercised much authority until the time of Charlemagne, the people still lived as in ancient times, OI~ either on solitary farms or in exposed villages. An assembly of notables from villages grouped together in a canton chooses a cantonal representative, who is the mouthpiece of the people and the intermediary between the government and its subjects. They value and respect each other. School districts fall into four classes - cities, villages, townships and special districts - each of which has its own board of education elected by popular vote.

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