single source letter sample

Faulting to comply with such rules, the sole source protest letter will be dismissed for lack of specificity should it fail to articulate any ground to show that the awarded organization is not eligible for award. To be deemed so, the protest has to follow strict rules. These design templates give outstanding instances of how you can structure such a letter, as well as include example material to work as an overview of format. sole source letter template microsoft word Are you, or your company, currently selling to Public Market Customers or hoping to do so? Since sometimes things are more complicated than usual, remember to consult a lawyer before doing anything. When writing a formal or service letter, presentation style and style is vital to making a great impression. !���H�H-�Q�Zû�ƢU����2+Ea�YڥC����2y�b��ԭV=��,,Z�1?P���Gge����^���:5=A�J0 ڕ\r��U.ެ��w�N*M�g�.���&��+΁H[�"�]�{�'�^�>����,���ܟ�{ޘO. Get templates and samples for a variety of documents: Receive your FREE RFP Toolkit "Tips for writing the sole source protest letter are invaluable". %PDF-1.3 /Filter /FlateDecode 2. Our Authorized Public Safety Dealers act as representatives on our behalf. ��XB��L�ޕ �;ƭZ�Hh��Uy�3�����B�t���:���9-�/�w��n���IԢ��.4��HL��w��*]����'J. stream I agree to receive RFP Alerts Services newsletters, e-mail alerts  and other relevant e-mails from RFP Alerts Services and other firms contributing to and supporting this free information. As defined by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) in § 33.103(d) called Protests to the Agency, procedures are established to resolve a sole source protest effectively, to build confidence in the Government’s acquisition system, and to reduce protests outside of the agency. >> (���M\�,da�~�d�4)����a{�k-]��=d~�rĶ��|:C�$������Pos�� �w�_��k�6i��P����Y���蔵8�qVG�1����h��G=��`+{0c��{D���G��cbImd�O�L G�S�G3��)�-��36?��H~dl�� ��?�0b.��1���9LjI��K�)蜧ӱ ,d{�&��,��s@=qi;bīS�G� ِ�ʊ�u^� For example: (A) If the justification involves urgent and compelling circumstances, then the time constraint and the reason why only one contractor can meet the requirement should be explained; and/or To identify what kind of facts are deemed valid, thus acceptable grounds for your sole source protest letter, you might read "How to protest against Sole Source Solicitation". Indeed, a protest merely asserting that the protested concern is not valid, without setting forth specific facts or allegations, is insufficient, and protest will automatically be dismissed. /Length 1204 You will find in it, amongst others, templates and samples of a Request for Proposal sole source protest letter. Also known as: sole source complain letter, letter to complain against sole source award, no-bid contract protest letter, sole source protest, sole source protest letters, sole source contract award protest letter, diplomatic sole source protest letter, sole source response letter, sole source small business 8(a) protest letter, protesting sole source 8a award, sole source pre-award protest, sole source post-award protest, generic sole source protest letter, sole source protest writing, government sole source source protest letter, sole sourcing protest, sole source procurement protest, sole sourcing protest letter, sole source award protest letter, federal government sole source protest letter, letters protesting sole source contracts, GAO sole source protest letter, federal government sole source contract award protest, Government Accountability Office sole source protest letter, sole supplier protest, professional sole source protests, sole supplier protest letter, sole source protest, sole source award protest, letter to protesting against sole source, federal government sole source protest, government solicitation protest filing letter, limited source protest letter, letter protesting sole source award, letter in response to sole source award, federal government sole source contract award protest letter, professional sole source protest letter, limited source protest, tactful sole source protest letter, tactful sole source letter, letter of complaint against sole source, or sole source complaint letter. RE: Sole Source letter Thursday, May 28, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: Segway Inc. is the sole source provider of the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) Patroller model.

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