sky box has disconnected from broadband

Wait a few mins…. when you check HELP at Sky is just tries to sell you Sky fibre. Hi @Helen+pa  If your ISP is BT turn Smart setup off on your router? ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Have you tried rebooting the Q box first then trying to reconnect? e.g. We haven't had any issues with our BT broadband connection with sky until yesterday when it suddenly disconnected and now won't reconnect. Maybe it has something to do with the microfilter cable but then when I check the manage router section of my wifi it says broadband is disconnected. We are with BT broadband. I to am getting almost daily disconnections of my Sky Q box from my WiFi and it's such a shoddy set up routine you have to spend several minutes going through … Our broadband is working on all other devices, it just won't connect back to sky even though I have tried around 10 times. flipflop Posts: 69. Registered in England. As mentioned above, the Sky Q needs a strong, constant internet connection to be able to provide its services. Give our experts at Digi HelpDesk a call or contact them here! Wait a few mins…. Please can someone help us urgently as we need to be able to access the internet on the TV to help with home schooling during this time. Hello Please can anyone help? I have to restart the box to make it go online again. I have repositioned the Q box and ensured that it the software is up to date, but to no avail. Hi There is a well known issue between Bt home hubs and sky Q. I'm having the same issues as yourself and I am fed up of having to reset networks almost daily on the main box then the mini boxes. To get the full Sky Q experience, your box should be connected to the internet. I had the same issue with the Sky Wifi Connect box. Please can someone help us urgently as we need to be able to access the internet on the TV to help with home schooling during this time. Restart your router and wait until you have broadband (until the router indicator turns continuous blue) then restart your Sky Q box. I have several other devices on my 2Ghz Wifi, most further away from the router than my Sky Q box (which less than 4m and has LoS to my router), they never drop off my WiFi - only my Sky Q box does. 25/06/07 - 10:52 in Sky Broadband #1. How is it connected to the internet? Any suggestions? Sky Q has disconnected from BT broadband and won’t reconnect, Re: Sky Q has disconnected from BT broadband and won’t reconnect. Reconnect the on demand connector to the Sky box Turn the power to your Sky box back on

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