solid principles in c#

The SOLID principle was introduced by Robert C. Martin, also known as Uncle Bob and it is a coding standard in programming. How to prevent Singleton Pattern from Reflection, Serialization and Cloning? Can we directly implement an ILead interface in the Manager class, like the following? Check the link Liskov Substitution Principle for better understanding. Here we successfully introduced Circle into our app. But we can’t blame change or new feature requests as they are part of the software development. SOLID principles represent a set of principles that, if implemented properly should improve our code significantly. And if you’d like to learn more and get code about SOLID Principles, please check out my GitHub (stars always appreciated) repository. I’m going to try to explain SOLID Principles in simplest way so that it’s easy for beginners to understand. This ExceptionLogger doesn't depend on the FileLogger and EventLogger classes to log the stack trace. Here we are forcing the Manager class to implement a WorkOnTask() method without a purpose. SqlFile: IWritableSqlFile,IReadableSqlFile, GetTextFromFiles(List aLstReadableFiles), SaveTextIntoFiles(List aLstWritableFiles). The SendEmail and ValidateEmail methods have nothing to do within the UserService class. SOLID stands for Single Responsibility Principle (SRP), Open closed Principle (OSP), Liskov substitution Principle (LSP), Interface Segregation Principle (ISP), and Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP). Here we need to add one more class that provides the functionality to log the stack trace into the database and an extra method in ExceptionLogger to interact with our new class to log the stack trace. Since we already learned the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP), we don't need to put the total area calculation code inside the rectangle. So finally the refactored code will be described as below : Software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) objFileLogger.LogMessage(GetUserReadableMessage(aException)); //code to convert Exception's stack trace and message to user readable format. In the above code In spite of Injecting MySQLConnection class in PasswordReminder class but it depends on MySQLConnection.High-level module PasswordReminder should not depend on low-level module MySQLConnection. Wow. If we want to calculate the area for Square we have to modify calculate method in CostManager class. There are so many benefits of using OOD but every developer should also have the knowledge of the SOLID principle for good object-oriented design in programming. Now our low-level classes need to implement this interface. Let’s do an exa… Violates LSP because: The SOLID Design Principles are the design principles that help us to solve most of the software design problems. */, /* The persistence layer deals with persisting (storing and retrieving) data from a data store (such as a database, for example). In the article Principles of Object Oriented Design, Robert C. Martin defines a responsibility as a ‘reason to change’, and concludes that a class or module should have one, and only one, reason to be changed. //code to export data from files to database. Thank you. OrdersRepository $repo, OrdersOutPutInterface $formatter, /** To avoid an exception we need to modify "SqlFileManager" by adding one condition to the loop. The Decorator Pattern | Set 2 (Introduction and Design), Decorator Pattern | Set 3 (Coding the Design), Strategy Pattern | Set 2 (Implementation), Implementing Iterator pattern of a single Linked List, Top 10 Projects For Beginners To Practice HTML and CSS Skills, DynamoDB: Understand The Benefits With Real Life Use Cases, 5 Reasons Why Hackathons are Important in a Coder’s Life, 5 Best Approaches to Extend the Life of Embedded GUI, 10 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions to Make Developer's Life Easier, Mutation Algorithms for Real-Valued Parameters (GA). Barbara Liskov and Jeannette Wing formulated the principle succinctly in a 1994 paper as follows: The human-readable version repeats pretty much everything that Bertrand Meyer already has said, but it relies totally on a type-system: Robert Martin made the definition sound more smoothly and concisely in 1996 : Or simply : Subclass/derived class should be substitutable for their base/parent class.

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