south korean business attire female

So there is not much of a line between business and personal life. Ryu told Yonhap that she had worn the dress to "shatter the tradition" of lawmakers wearing suits, adding that "the authority of the National Assembly is not built upon those suits.". Food is an important part of personal and business relationships. Wait to speak. Who you are is part of the ultimate bottom line. By Julia Hollingsworth, Gawon Bae and Jake Kwon, CNN. Much of their corporate structure is determined patriarchally. Seoul is a unique city built by family-owned conglomerates. Not long after lawmaker Ryu Ho-jeong wore the dress to South Korea's legislative assembly on Tuesday, social media was flooded with misogynistic comments about her outfit, demonstrating something of the sexism that female politicians in the country can face. It is best to remove yourself from company. But while Ryu's outfit raised controversy online, it prompted support from both her party and the ruling Democratic Party. Know what to expect and be prepared. "We cannot agree at all with the voice that paints a female politician as lacking qualification by evaluating her look and image rather than her legislative work," the party said in a statement. Book shuttles ahead of time whenever possible. Gift giving is very common. Do not hold your soup or rice in your hand during dinner. There is a lot of crowding, shoving, and pushing through people. Korean etiquette means avoiding saying a direct “no” and will instead agree to try, help, or consider a matter that will likely not go forward. While there are many chaebols influencing the South Korean economy, knowing the major players is helpful in doing business. Preparing for business meetings, dress in traditional conservative business attire. Personal space, much like in the rest of Asia, is not a cultural concept. Personal relationships are central to Korean business. That means over half of the country’s entire population is in Seoul. Instead, they are seated in the center of the table. Do not leave chopsticks sticking out of your rice or laid across your bowl. Hold the card between your thumb and top knuckle or index finger in both upper corners. And, you’ll never get a business decision in the first meeting. Doing business in Seoul is an interesting experience. A barrage of online abuse directed at a South Korean lawmaker over her choice of attire has sparked a debate in the East Asian nation, where women have long complained about sexism and … When speaking with counterparts, follow proper business etiquette: Helping others with humility is of high value. Expect the refusal of a gift several times before it is accepted. Do not focus on business during a first meeting. Also consider it is customary to take off one's shoes (at home, at a restaurant, etc.) Know what to expect and be … His last name is Xi. Pay for your meal at the counter. Most business is structured around personal, sustained relationships. If you would like more to drink, fill your neighbor’s drink a little even if they are more than half-full. Do not jump into business discussions. "Women lawmakers are still becoming targets of discussion for wearing pants, or choosing a bright-colored outfit. Unlike in Western countries, a strong handshake coarse and rude. Women have pushed back against, Nevertheless, even high profile women continue to face sexism. Ask questions from a variety of angles to suss out the response. Eat whatever someone is kind enough to put on your plate and accept drinks poured for you. Avoid boasting, one-upmanship, and showmanship. Follow cues. South Korean values play deeply in their work. Gifts should be given and received with both hands, just like business cards. This is an attempt not to embarrass—or lose face—for either the person requesting and the person responding to a proposition. Although South Korea is a developed economy, many feminists still see the country as a tough place to be a woman. Family ownership and subsidiary organizations define chaebols. Unlike some business cultures, being obviously competitive is distasteful. Slightly bowing is a normal salutation. Attire South Koreans tend to dress appropriately for their work surroundings, as you would expect in the UK. It boasts one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world and is the 5th most populated. The check will be on the table, sometimes concealed. Accept gifts like you would a business card, with both hands. Not being answered is a “polite” way of showing disinterest. In company, keep your legs straight. The subway system is clean, safe, and effective. Korean … Identified by the government as business leaders, government policies and programs helped support several family-owned companies in rebuilding the war-stricken country. Business Dining Etiquette in South Korea. Food is a very important part of Korean culture.

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