southside hospital ny

I was at Southside Hospital on Sunday night with heavy bleeding, shoulder pain, due to a possible ectopic pregnancy. I've been to many hospitals over my life and nurses and doctors always recommend that you avoid this place, and they were right. I believe it was not only because of the medical treatment but also the EMOTIONAL care that I received in ICU and Step Down that truly healed me. Oh ya also screaming that he wanted to die. Our family was treated very well by all of the staff. They were courteous and helpful. But especially for a lot of the workers there who were kind, friendly & professional. As a patient or as a visitor to Southside Hospital, the following administrative department numbers may be useful to you: Main number. Upcoming events Please log in again, or close to continue. Notice of non-discrimination & accessibility, 94 spacious treatment rooms with enhanced privacy, Dedicated treatment areas for obstetrics/gynecology patients, bariatric patients and behavioral health patients (and a designated behavioral health ambulance exit), New, modern waiting room for enhanced comfort, Additional entrance on the hospital’s south side, off Main Street, Helicopter landing pad (only Federal Aviation Administration designated helipad in Suffolk County), An additional 20,000 square feet, for a total of 50,000 square feet (we will be capable of handling up to 100,000 emergency visits annually, which should cut waiting times in half), Five isolation rooms with a decontamination suite, with its own entrance in a state-of-the-art containment unit, A critical care area with four medical resuscitation units and two trauma rooms, for a total of six beds, A new radiological testing area with X-ray and 64-slice, low dose CT (computed tomography) scanning capabilities (this will reduce wait time for CT scans, allowing your physicians to have real-time, definitive information to help guide your treatment plan, and also your follow-up care), A new 16-bed clinical decision/observation unit, with portable/wireless telemetry, A specially designed Pediatric Emergency Unit (seamless transfer to Cohen Children’s Medical Center is available for children who require more advanced care), Electrical ports for personal devices and phones, Staff members who are dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction. I'll get back to this part a little latter so stick around.After I get the call I rush to this hospital. I came in with tremendous pain due to an ear infection. The nurses were rude as hell the entire time and i was once again by myself. official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your gift is This is not appropriate patient care. © Southside Hospital is the first and only hospital in the downstate New York region to be recognized for its high-quality care of people with severe heart attacks by the American Heart Association with the Mission: Lifeline Gold award. They operated on my boyfriend for an intestinal blockage, well they screwed up had to go in again, he ended with a tube in his throat, and a feeding tube on dialysis. Fast forward to my delivery. They harassed me into an epidural when i wanted to labor without medication for as long as i could. Didn't offer to help me. I am telling everyone I know to stay away from this hospital. Five-year investment features the $71 million, 45,560-square-foot Women & Infants Center and a medical pavilion to include private inpatient beds and new operating rooms. My mother got rushed to the ER after being in a boat crash. My head nurse Kristen, was so professional and amazing at her job.

Mental health system in this country is a problem, but boy it is shown to be a major issue at this hospital. I was very surprised when they also invited the visitors to have lunch! This will bring us to a total of three cardiac catheterization labs and two EP labs. It has been given a rating of 2 stars based on summary of quality measures.

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