st croix tsunami 2020

Let’s watch and pray and hope it will not be a direct blow, better still that it will be steered away from us like PAULETTE and RENE. Having viewed the video I could see that they were well prepared. A Tropical Wave is coming our way. Other minor disturbances are starting to emerge, as well as more waves from Africa. Many people all over the world take flowers to the cemetery. That does not mean it cannot change it’s route again. After a couple of days of heavy rain on and off we very able to dry out on Sun Day! The only thing that can stop this barrage of storms must be a dust storm. Be safe. Wear your mask, the person next to your out there could be carrying the virus! May God bless us all. Thank God that it’s only rain. That’s a record. May God bless us all. Click here to explore the map : Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (340) 773-2244; Fax (340) 778-8980 or May God bless us all. This must have been the trough that I heard about last night from the weatherman in the Dominican Republic. May God bless us all. There are a lot of nervous folks in our vicinity as can tell by the comments made. However, it did rain heavily on other parts of the island. We have to hope and pray that it does just that. I just heard Jewell say that it’s not over yet. We shall see what tomorrow brings. High surf on the reef most likely due to the effects of Hurricane EPSILON. We are surrounded by all kinds of colorful satellite imagery, but only getting a spotty shower once in a long while. St. Croix Valley Gifted will not host a 2020 Family Friendly Candidate Meet & Greet.Since 2014, we have hosted this event at the Carriage House in downtown Stillwater’s Teddy Bear Park. There are other waves coming off the coast of Africa which have some people wondering if the storms will suddenly stop on the 30th. May God bless us all. May God bless us all. This is expected to come from Africa over the Caper Verde Islands as shown in the cone. Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) blank design provides curved patterns for improved action with increased sensitivity. All Rights Reserved. Super premium, 100% linear S-glass on Mojo Bass Glass models. I heard today that 2005 also had a record number of storms the last one being ZETA. Hopefully there will be other tropical waves in the wings, not storms. This new system entering the Caribbean is quite elongated; we probably can expected sporadic showers every now and then. Insanely sensitive and awash with St. Croix proprietary technologies, these rods are extreme in design and on-the-water performance. 3:00. It is not even off the coast of Africa as yet and it already has a 90% chance of developing. We just got another of those brief showers. The forecast is for this to continue during the next few hours. May God bless us all. May God bless us all. May Epsilon pass Bermuda and disappear somewhere... May God bless us all. May God bless us all. Fuji® ECS reel seat with black hood on casting model. Fuji®... ©2018 St. Croix Rods. This system is being monitored for possible development farther on in the Caribbean. This can change rapidly into a threat as has happened in the past. This season has been beyond active. Have a blessed day. Be well, be Covid safe! Is there a BIG one, perhaps, in the near future? May God bless us all. Is it ever going to end? We are surely enjoying all the T waves and spin offs of the storms that pass us. End of Day photo;    ZETA’S gift to Boston. At the moment the vegetation is growing so fast with past rains that you can see it growing even as you trim. May God bless us all. May God bless us all. May God bless us all. Let’s relax for now and hope that the hurricane season will come to an end soon. Today Rio sneaked a snooze on the Master’s chair! May God bless us all. I hope and pray that you are not affected too much by 97L. I shall be content with regular rain showers. We have been spared so far and hopefully this will continue. We still wear masks. We should just bask in this awesome quiet and hope it remains so. I’m still hoping that EPSILON will be the last one. We had just been back home and were settling down for lunch when it started getting very dark to the West. It’s almost verging on a Depression type, but I could be exaggerating. He urged everyone on the islands to monitor this disturbance very closely. The award-winning Legend® Xtreme continues to deliver angling success. And now it moves on to hurricane-weary Louisiana and Mississippi, the magnets of the season. Our territory now has 19 deaths. This one could be going there too. Rain would be a big help, but this has not been a very wet “rainy season”. We are so thankful that we have not had to deal with any storm this year, so far, but as Dave said, we still have a few weeks left in the official season which runs until Nov. 30. Be careful out there. May God bless you and us all. Now we are waiting to see what’s going to happen with that vigorous wave heading west towards us. Right now we are having another mini wave hammering at us. Premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite. Fuji® ECS reel seat with black hood on... MOJO MUSKY TROLLING RODS feature: Dynamic blend of premium quality SCII graphite and linear S-glass.

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