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Koolhaas, for sure, is a redoubtable figure for historians and theorists of architecture in a way that Jobs never will be. [Photo by Eric Wüstenhagen] Bottom: Steve Jobs and Rem Koolhaas. Apple’s near-neighbor Google plays a similar double role, and, like those of Apple, its business motives (already self-evident to academic and industry observers) have come under increasing popular scrutiny. This despite the proliferation of Apps, which customize the Apple devices but only according to the operational, commerical and aesthetic rules of the Apple system. 21 0 obj Daniel Gregory, Daniel, I'm going to ask them, and I'll try to report back! We might better see the fate of political society in the metaphor of Koolhaas’s atolls of beauty and social space cast adrift in a neoliberal world. He teaches the history and theory of architecture, design, and urbanism across several programs at the University of California, Davis, where he is a professor in the Department of Design. “I love it when you can bring really great design and simple capability to something that doesn’t cost too much. Charismatic Leadership as the Social Construction of Meaning. That things don’t just happen, that political economy and subjectivity aren’t givens; that the meeting of matter and consciousness can be altered is not a general understanding but one particular to a class educated in design. Bottom: Bernard Maybeck, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, 1915. The glass cube is only part of the store experience. Login failed. At which point I might be able to take my students out of the lecture hall (where we study OMA’s staggering and faraway monuments) and attempt an architectural exegesis of the systems of the Central Valley, scouring it for meaning, agency, interruption, rather than celebrating it as a vernacular, or damning it as pure instrumentalism. We found not only an integration of customization to different audiences and situations but also continuity in central themes in different rhetorical contexts, which may be a key attribute of the competence of charismatic leaders. My job and my location place me close enough to Silicon Valley that students might fairly assume that I have something cogent to say about all this (they have already indicated as much). When it was occupying its old building (whatever it was), I had never heard of CCTV, nor paused to consider its role in censorship. If Koolhaas has capitalized upon a distinctively Dutch taste and Northern European aesthetic, Jobs has championed a distinctively Californian energy. �>D��h`'m���ߺ�*�� zZj0�s�����C}�=�#y�v�p��zE��՞�9�tz�GIB2ʈ�0R�������b0��SB6��x�HM��i Y���H!c��b5�2�G#I��(#Ç�R2��d�k���������jY,(H� �,}H��o���i(�.14i�a c���#-�1�p$1A�q�.�2�y����6���z���p��Y�wr�i���9�R3,$��Ha-)Δ�U��1�������wJԕ5=g�QŜ�bN2��o��g�QJ�C*�D��{2��o���$a����tj��CB?̤ݔ��?9��D�YNG��� Both are indeed Salon designers, ageless enfant terribles and lightning rods, prompting and giving shape to otherwise formless feelings and debates.

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