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$4.95 shipping. Mareena, daughter of Aquaman, is the Justice League Beyond's resident Atlantean. 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Micron also plays a large role in the Justice League Beyond comic series, acting as a spy in the beginning and continuing to use his size-changing powers to aid the League in various ways. While not as physically strong or combat-savvy as the initial Batman, Terry is athletic and sees his abilities enhanced by his Batsuit. In addition to his athleticism, he was trained by Granny Goodness in the pits of Apokolips, thus making him an elite warrior and escape artist. The enemy ship takes damage from Ultraman and crash lands on Earth-51, part of the "graveyard universe", named that after the fight between Superman-Prime and Monarch destroyed most of the universe. While she does not appear in the animated series, she makes her debut in Adam Beechen and Dustin Nguyen's Batman Beyond Unlimited #13 and joins the team in Derek Fridolfs and Jorge Corona's Justice League Beyond #19. Danica Williams is Wally West's predecessor as the Flash. He is offered nanotechnology stolen from GNX's Supercop program by Lex Luthor's daughter, Lucinda Luthor. The final Batsuit, initially built to support an aging Bruce Wayne, offers boosts in strength, agility and durability. Related: Green Lantern: The Earth One Reboot's Biggest Changes, Explained. by waroflight on December 23, 2008. Justice League Beyond boasts an impressive roster of heroes, including Superman and Batman Beyond. Terry also uses a variety of Batman technology, such as Batarangs and various devices in his utility belt. The story says that there was one Monitor who was as large as the void itself, but a flaw was found in it. In the New God joined the Justice League Beyond and became a fierce and loyal member along with her husband Mister Miracle. Terry McGinnis, star of Batman Beyond, is the successor to Bruce Wayne as the holder of the Batman Mantle. I also liked the Captain Adam character that looked a lot like Dr. Manhattan, which is a good nod to Watchmen. Kai-Ro, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, is the Justice League Beyond's current Green Lantern. It was originally solicited as part of August 2008's comics solicitations. The sky has turned red, Ultraman is holding the infinite book and saying that evil wins, and a ship bearing, what looks like, Brainiac’s symbol appears in the sky. While initially refusing full-time membership to the League after helping them with their Starro problem, he eventually assumes a leading role. Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #1 by warfield on December 26, 2008. or Best Offer. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. However, after he's initially thought to have been killed, he returns and backs up Batman, eventually leading to mutual respect between the two heroes. Ending Nov 15 at 4:17PM PST 6d 18h. Related: Batman Beyond Introduces the Future's New Bat-Family. I am in a minority because most people have no clue what Grant Morrison is up to in books like this. Superman follows her to her ship, where it is being attacked by another ship. I will be the first person to say I am glad the multiverse is back; now if we can only get the Justice Society back to Earth 2 where they rightfully belong but this book is very weak. Keep Reading: Batman Beyond: Every Reference to Batman TAS in the Show. Superman makes his way back to the ship, telling Captain Adam that he’ll need his help to get the book. One of the reasons I loved this comic is because I have basic understanding of Grant Morrison's tripped out stories like this. Comic Vine users. His lifelong journey for the six infinity stones began with his defeat at the hands of.... oh wait that's the wrong story. Billy Batson eventually joins Justice League Beyond in Derek Fridolfs and Ben Caldwell's Justice League Beyond #24, as he swoops in to save the day. She is a speed force conduit like other Flashes, granting her the ability of enhanced healing, enhanced senses, phasing, superhuman stamina and superhuman speed. Scott Free, the adopted son of Darkseid, is the world's greatest escape artist known as Mister Miracle. His mission: recruit Superman's help against an epic, reality-spanning menace that originated in the Crisis on Infinite Earths! 0 bids. He is not shown as a member of the League in the show but appears occasionally in the digital comic series Justice League Beyond. He is a superb athlete with enhanced strength, agility, endurance, coordination and reflex. We follow Superman back in time to see Clark Kent sitting next to Lois Lane's hospital bed saying that he'll do anything to save her. Batman Never Gave Batgirl One of the Best Perks of Being a Sidekick, Justice League Beyond: Who's Who in the DCAU Future Team. That's about it for the good.Now the bad. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Static was not an original member of Justice League Beyond, but he eventually joins on a more consistent basis. Superman Beyond #1 is the first issue of a 2-part comic book mini-series that served as a tie-in to DC Comics' storyline event Final Crisis. First the good. The Monitor Zillo Valla shows up and stops time, saying that if Superman helps her, she will save Lois' life. His fierce demeanor and impulsive temperament initially lead him to but heads with Batman upon inclusion. It was originally solicited as part of August 2008's comics solicitations. Born with a partial strand of the original Batman's DNA, Terry McGinnis was a reformed juvenile delinquent who stole the Batman suit to avenge the murder of his father. Daredevil: Whatever Happened to Matt Murdock’s Sidekick, Blindspot? Ending Friday at 6:00PM PST 4d 19h. A graduate of Hunter College in New York City, he has collected a vast amount of experience examining the cultural and societal context of Film, TV, and Comics in pursuit of his B.A. He is essentially a genetic son to Bruce Wayne, bred by Amanda Waller in secret to eventually take over the mantle of Batman. They determine, after a few eons, that the form must be some sort of weapon that will help them against some ultimate enemy. Presumably the future version of Virgil from the show, Static has electricity-based powers of electromagnetism, electrokinesis and magnetokinesis. After eons of the form standing idle, the race of Monitors develops around it. It witnesses the events of the original Crisis and encounters the concept of "stories" and feels threatened by the existence of "stories", realizing that it has no defense against it. Micron is the victim of Superman's initial attack while under the control of Starro, leaving him incapacitated and in stasis until he can gather strength to assist the League in its efforts to defeat a controlled Superman. There is suddenly a burst of lightning as Superman and Marvel are blasted back from the book and Marvel is transformed back into Billy Baston, who can't remember who he is or his magic word. I loved it, cheesy 3D glasses an all. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Later, the Justice League Beyond appears in Justice League Unlimited and then the comics DC Universe. This elder Kal-El from the DCAU appeared in his own show, as well as Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. A result of cloning by Wonder Woman and Lord Superman in an attempt to initiate peace on Earth-50, Ur-Zod is a Kryptonian-God hybrid. Related: Justice League: Whatever Happened to the Justice Lords? When they get to the Library, they see that the book is a book with an infinite number of pages, all occupying the same space. First the obvious: the 3-D art sucked. So the Monitor sends out a probe, possibly the original Monitor from Crisis on Infinite Earths, to investigate the abnormality within the flaw. While she's not very receptive to Batman's addition to the league, she is more friendly than the rest of the team. I cannot emphaize that enough. He maintains his membership with the League into adulthood. You can search for More 1-Shots From the hit comic series BATMAN BEYOND comes the adventures of … The issue starts with Superman being blasted by what looks to be a Monitor, who is chipping away at Superman’s "cosmic armor". She uses her connection to the speed force to communicate with previous Flashes, who aid her in journeys. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll She also uses a variety of New God and Apokoliptan technology. Superman realizes that Zillo Valla has recruited Supermen of other universes to help in her mission: Ultraman from the Anti-Matter Earth, Captain Marvel of Earth-5, Overman of Earth-10, and Captain Allen Adam, the "Quantum Superman" (and a Doctor Manhattan look-alike), of Earth-4. Like her father, she also can communicate with aquatic life while also maintaining is the power of Hydrokinesis. Written by Grant Morrison Art by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy Covers by Doug Mahnke and J.H. Superman Beyond Comic Books: Sales Rank #13,572 See Top 2,500 Type: Ages_13-16 Super-hero Superman Published - October 2011 This is a 1-shot, a complete story in 1 comic. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1 bid. Along with Superman and Batman, she essentially forms the futuristic version of the Justice League's big three. $10.00 shipping. by warfield on December 26, 2008. Jacob Nardone is a Writer, Reader, Artist, Musician, and all around Student of life. » Later, the Justice League Beyond appears in Justice League Unlimited and then the comics … Vintage 1947 DC Comics Superman Comic #49 Nov. - Dec. Issue. He even helps the League team-up with a previous iteration to change the future in Justice League Unlimited. Being that he is half-human, Warhawk lacks the organic wings of a Thanagarian, but dons a pair of artificial wings with full-body armor.

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