surfing movies list

Two Weeks, Ultimate Sessions Second to None European Surf Journal

Campaign 2 Gidget Unsalted Bonzer: The Mothership Unsurfed Afghanistan, Vague à l'Âme Good Morning Miyazaki Going Vertical Blackwater: The Story of a Place Called Teahupo'o Rail to Rail Bruce Brown's classic movie The Endless Summer glorified surfing in a round-the-world search for the perfect wave. Imaginarium

All Tha Way Live Echo Beach The Westsiders Saltwater Buddha: The Film Storm Riders The Man that Touched the Sky Thicker Than Water

Circle One There's No I in Go Ry Into The Channel My Eyes Won't Dry Chasing Mavericks. Get-N Classic

Under The Sun

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable The Oxbow Watermen Experience Fu Man Chu Surf Stronger: The Surfer's Workout Five Summer Stories

Float (Archipelago) 3 Longboard Habit... Surfing Without a Cure Children of the Sun

Albert Falzon, r1972...[opening shot of Winkipop Bells shot circa May 70] 71 [very early 72? Drive Thru Australia 2 Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton Teahupo'o: Ten Days That Changed Surfing Teahupoo Uncut Tension 10 That First Glide The Africa Project The Angry Sea The Ben Player Project The Blueprint The Bruce Movie The Californians The Chris Ward Project The Church of the Open Sky The Cosmic Children The Dark Side of the Lens The Decline of Surfing Civilization The Drifter The Endless Summer The … Young Guns 2


Absolute Mexico Stranger Than Fiction Resurface The Seedling Surf's Up Movie

The Lost Wave: An African Surf Story Roam Sunset Surf Craze There's No I The Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddling Point Break Amplified Cloud 9 3 Degrees Girls Rip - A New Era in Women's Surfing Sofia: A Documentary Surfers: The Movie The Bruce Movie

No Friends 10 "Decade"

Walking On Water A Surfshake was basically a double milkshake,extra milk,dble icecream etc.

Modern Collective Released: 2012 Of Men and Mavericks is a 2012 Sport Drama film written by … The Life Serendipity Frothing

Shot in Australia, Bali, …

Timmy Turner's "The Tsunami Diaries" Surf Into Summer Arc: A Taylor Knox Signature Series Film The Essence of Surfing The Hole Drift Surfing With The Enemy Monument Nation The Africa Project Evolution, Fanning The Fire Quest for Fear

Soul Surfer Ruffo For A Few Barrels More The Fisherman's Son A Winter's Tale Op Pro Mentawai Islands 2001 What Really Went Wrong? Aloha Uruguaii Surf Ninjas


Critically Acclaimed A Bowlful of Chile Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton Counter Offer Glass Love

Surf Into Yoga with Rochelle Ballard Fighting Fear Morning Of The Earth )on TV commercial,Milkbar posters & bar card displays.. Liquid Thunder at Jaws The Still Point Aqua Dulce

Out of Place. Chapters Surf Movie

Cutback, Dane Reynolds: First Chapter

Separate Volume View From a Blue Moon, Waikiki: Riding the Waves of Change Blackwater: The Story of a Place Called Teahupo'o, Bombora - The Story of Australian Surfing, Going With The Flow: Classic California Soul Surfing, Learning to Breathe: The Anthony Ruffo Story, Longboard Habit... Surfing Without a Cure, Making the Call: Big Waves of the North Pacific, On Credit: A Surfing Adventure on Credit Cards, Siestas & Olas: A Surfing Journey Through Mexico, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Gerry Lopez and Barry Kanaiaupuni, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Greats of Women's Surfing, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Jeff Hakman and Larry Bertlemann, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Joel Tudor and Nat Young, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Robert August and Wingnut, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Shaun Tomson and Mark Richards, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Terry Fitzgerald and Cheyne Horan, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Tom Curren and Kelly Slater, The Surfer's Journal Biographies: Wayne Lynch and Tom Carroll,, Big Wave Surfing, Shortboarding, Documentary, Documentary, Travel, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Boat Trip, Surfing Event Coverage, Longboarding, Surfing Competiton, Surf Punk Hipster, Surf Movies with Skateboarding, Documentary, Surfboard Shaping, Longboarding, Shortboarding, Strictly Surf Action & Music, Documentary, Shortboarding, Biographical, Surfing Competiton, Documentary, Surfing Competition, Big Wave Surfing, Documentary, Foreign Surf Films, Surfing Movies with taste of Adventure, Travel, Big Wave Surfing, Shortboarding, Strictly Surf Action & Music, Documentary, Environmental Message, Surfing Movies with taste of Adventure, Boat Trip, Shortboarding, Longboarding, Big Wave Surfing, Surfing Event Coverage, Shortboarding, Surfing Competiton, Documentary, Environmental Message, Music, Laurie Towner and The Prince's Island Apocalypse, Documentary, Surfing Event Coverage, Shortboarding, Biographical, Little Victories - A California Surf Film, Lost Across America Vol II - The Decline of surfing civilization, Documentary, Environmental Message, Bodysurfing, Shortboarding, Longboarding, Classic Surfing, Documentary, Documentary, Surfing Competiton, Biographical, Documentary, Environmental Message, Shortboarding, Pacific Pirates – Chasing down the Monster Waves, Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2011 - Snack Pack, Big Wave Surfing, Strictly Surf Action & Music, Rip Curl Tip2Tip Chapter 2: Un-Expectations, South Africa Surf Safari--The Great Adventure, Learn How to Surf, Documentary, Longboarding, Documentary, Strictly Surf Action & Music, Documentary, Travel, Surfing Movies with taste of Adventure, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Surfing Movies with taste of Adventure, Travel, Shortboarding, Strictly Surf Action & Music, Surfing Event Coverage, Documentary, Classic Surfing, Surfing Competiton, Tipping Barrels - Journey Into The Great Bear, Documentary, Longboarding, Surfboard Shaping, Travel guide about surfing in Guadeloupe - Gwada Stylez, Travel guide about surfing in Santa Catalina, Panama - Travel2Panama, Documentary, Classic Surfing, Shortboarding, Documentary, Shortboarding, Longboarding, Travel. Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere Fish Little Victories - A California Surf Film Loaded : Dane Reynolds Movie Local Boys: Lonely Boy The Movie Longboard Habit... Surfing Without a Cure: Loose Change: 2000 Lords of Dogtown: Lost Across America Vol II - The Decline of surfing civilization Lost and Found: 2012 Doug Walker Documentary Lost Atlas: Lost in the Ether: Lost Prophets: Lunch Break: M10 Movie: 2003 Rumors

The Ultimate Wave Tahiti The Gidget series and Beach Blanket Bingo are less reverential depictions of the culture. Indo

The Californians Blue Crush Tropical Punch Wave Warriors III Shades Of Indonesia Joel Parkinson: Free As A Dog, Keep Surfing

North Shore (1987) Arizona wave-tank surfer Rick Kane tries his luck as a pro on the North Shore of …

The Power Zone Hawaii

Riot In Everyone

Canvas Surfboards Archy, Back in Town Way of the Ocean: Australia North of the Sun Planet Blow: The Dark Lines Biarritz Surf Gang The Blueprint Surprise Excitement Party, Taj Burrow's Fair Bits! Melali: The Drifter Sessions

High 5 One Hundred and Twenty Months Learn more on our About section.

The Hunt The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun

Others include; Beach party films were popular in the 1960s, targeting the broader community. Shacks and Shakas The Green Iguana

By The Way, California for Better or Worse

A Hundred Miles to The End Wingnut's Search for Soul The Ripple Effect Dark Fall


Tubular Swells Bruce Irons: Crossing The Line Leave a Message Forgotten Island of Santosha Sliding Liberia

Fusion, Gaza Surf Club

Ulu 32 Still Filthy

The Zone 1. Beyond Sight That First Glide Also..what was the question contestant/s were asked regarding this?

Paradigm Lost Finnsurf

Pastiche Ride Now Now, Occy: The Occumentary Magnaplasm Waveriders

Come Hell or High Water

Drive Thru New Zealand A Dingo's Tale Others include; 1953 Hawaiian Surfing Movie, Bud Browne,1953; Hawaiian Holiday, Bud Browne,1954; Hawaiian Surf Movie, Bud Browne,1955; Trek To Makaha, Bud Browne,1956 The Women and the Waves Roam 2 Off The Wall II Donavon Alive in Tahiti Surferpedia - The Wiki Encyclopedia of Surfing is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

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