taylor pinless bridge

Nothing has happened to mine, but I met a guy today who claimed Taylors with that type of bridge usually developed problems.

I would bet the key reason they got away from pinless is that pins are seen as a valued feature set for 'real' guitars. (152.25mm) Saddle slot length = 2 13/16 in. BRIDGE, GROVER GUITAR TAILPIECE

With a pin bridge, the strings tie the bridge, top and bridgeplate together. I knew that the guy was probably wrong. I see other makers using pinless systems and they seam to be holding up. TELEACOUSTIC So you need more bridge footprint area with a pinless bridge. 6-STRING BRIDGE, EBONY

The torque on the soundboard remains unchanged.

ACOUSTIC GUITAR http://www.doolinguitars.com/articles/bridgejigs/. Especially on cedar and redwood.

GUITAR Maybe Alan will comment. $8.99 $ 8. I don't understand the popularity of bridges that require pins. ROSEWOOD Here's my pin-less bridge similar to Lowden but different string pass through concept/approach. A mystique that is visited upon, but not as strongly, slotted heads and 12 fret necks. ACOUSTIC The original pinless bridge provides the guitar with added sustain and tone. The build quality is so much better that that of the other major manufacturers.

I kinda liked how easy it was to change strings! It was a wonderful guitar, and had a pinless bridge that was in a classic "belly" shape, not the signature Taylor bridge shape. Hilarious....I didn't even pay attention....so I guess I can cancel my Google search of Wertlin's Music in NOLA, asking about that NOS 410... General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion.

GUITAR Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 9. I love guitars with a pinless bridge. ROSEWOOD
GUITAR. Not really a limited, but a variation of the regular 400 series. GUITAR

I was reading that Taylor had some guitars in the past with pinless bridges. ACOUSTIC Being retired, and on a fixed income, I have no plans to sell or replace this guitar. I don't mind not messing with bridge pins but you do have to be more careful not to scratch the top when you are pulling the strings through the bridge. I didn't realize until today that Taylor had built some pinless bridges. They provide no added benefit.

In the case of a pinless bridge it wouldn't matter if the back of the bridge were further because that force is parallel to the force of string tension. I think at one point, Taylor said the pinless bridge was an effort to make the guitar a bit cheaper to produce, allowing them to put more money into the woods. The standard 400 series was essentially a 500 (spruce over mahogany) with satin finish and a pinless bridge, and (by rumor) woods that didn't pass cosmetic standards for 500 series. 12-STRING GLUE-ON Hey All. I wonder if anyone with a similar bridge has ever had a problem with the bridge coming off the top.

Electronics included. BRIDGE W/ I haven't had any problems with it. BRIDGE, ROSEWOOD BRIDGE FOR

ACOUSTIC GUITAR I called Taylor about this; and they stated that they did the pinless bridge only on the 400 series back then so as to "cut corners". First off, it’s compact, and as the firm's smallest full-scale shape, the Grand Concert is the perfect size for a classical nylon-string. I used Jeff's layout on the last two harp guitars I made to get around problems with top brace layouts: you don't have to worry that you're going to drill into a brace with a pinless bridge. The only guitar to my knowledge that Taylor used a pinless bridge on. ACOUSTIC

Yeshone 24 Pieces Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins Pegs 1 Piece Guitar Saddle 3 in 1 Bridge Pin Puller Remover Guitar Nut Replacement for Acoustic Guitar Ivory and Black. BRIDGE, GROVER The force that attempts to separate the bridge is merely the force that trys to slide the bridge forward and rotate it.Tom Dame Judith Anderson once spoke with me. The luthier who did the work commented that this guitar is the "sweetest" taylor he's ever worked on, commenting how well it has "opened up" with age. GUITAR GUITAR ACOUSTIC GUITAR DARK STAIN GUITAR

BRIDGE BASE, ROSEWOOD General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. I’m curious what others have to say.

ACOUSTIC Yeshone 24 Pieces Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins Pegs 1 Piece Guitar Saddle 3 in 1 Bridge Pin Puller Remover Guitar Nut Replacement for Acoustic Guitar Ivory and Black.
ADJUSTABLE I can then slip the saddle out to make my adjustments.

STYLE I have a mid 90's 410 with the pinless bridge. ACOUSTIC

5.0 out of 5 stars 2. ACOUSTIC

Length = 6 in. The Academy line offers a Taylor guitar without the hefty price-tag, making, as Taylor says, the “acoustic guitar accessible to more players.” But the Academy 12e-N is accessible in all kinds of ways. "BELLY UP" GUITAR Thanks.

5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Last summer I had my frets leveled, a new setup, and added a Colosi bone saddle.

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