tema port ghana

“These weapons no matter what they are adds or could add to the insecurities that all of us are facing,” Col. Aboagye stressed. CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) – this is the total cost of insurance for the goods while in transit to your port of destination. Chat with us via WhatsApp on +233 55 2699 625. According to Customs, the moves to tag some top officials in connection with the weapons are ‘mischievous and premature.’ "In that operation, 150 slaps of cocaine were intercepted. P. O. Send your news stories to He said the consignment was confiscated on September 12, 2020 by a joint operation at the Tema Port. Ghana. user = "newswires"; Join the user = "features"; Security Analyst, Colonel (retired) Festus Aboagye. The Ghana Police Service has revealed that the 436 pistols and ammunition that were confiscated at the Tema Port in October turned out to be gas guns. site = "ghanaweb.com"; According to Customs, the moves to tag some top officials in connection with the weapons are ‘mischievous and premature.’. This has led to speculation that something might be amiss somewhere and Festus Aboagye has responded to it. When I hold an American AR 15, you will know that it is an American AR 15, you look at the ammunition and its features will tell you so. “Bottom line, the security agencies need to come clean, because this bothers on institutional and professional expertise. . According to her, “Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) finds it worrying, mischievous and premature any information that seeks to imply that the seized ammunition is being kept for onward release to some ‘big men’. Colonel Festus Aboagye holds that the agencies may not be telling Ghanaians the truth about the guns they intercepted. PLEASE NOTE: this tool is for approximate calculation purposes only. document.write(''); The substance with a street value of about $3 million was confiscated at the Tema Port in September 2020 during a joint operation. Strategically located on 48.45 acres of land in the Centre of the West African sub-region, it is situated adjacent the Commercial Port of Tema, Ghana, The Shipyard has two (2) graving docks of 100,000 dwt capacity and provides dry docking services, lay berths and fitting out quay’s and preservation works. Stretching over almost 4 million sq km, the Port of Tema is Ghana’s largest port. Following the interception of the items, the NDC quickly issued a statement which parts read “While we commend the Customs Excise and Preventive Service unit at Tema Port for acting swiftly to impound this consignment, we demand that they update the nation on this worrying development in the spirit of transparency. Eyewitness? After initially announcing that they have intercepted pistols at the Tema Port, the Police, Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), and Customs Division of the GRA earlier this week announced that the pistols have turned out to be gas guns. He, however, cautioned that the gas guns can be lethal and urged the agencies not to confuse the matters. // End --> Speaking to Joy FM, Festus Aboagye doubted the veracity of the new claim by the agencies that the pistols are now gas guns. “So, I don’t understand how professionals, and not only one of them, but several of them from different institutions can look at items and tell Ghanaians that, ‘we are looking at pistols’ and then several weeks later, come and say that they are gas rifles,” he stated.

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