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You need to visit a dentist very soon to get the cause of the toothache treated. Eugenol is used in fragrances and perfumes because of its aromatic scent. The substance has caused allergic reactions and contact dermatitis in some people. Eugenol is also used as an insecticide to kill pests, especially those found in homes and gardens. The tree is native to the Moluccas, or the Maluku Islands. An electric grinder is needed to break them up. The spice is sold as intact flower buds and as a ground powder. In addition, even though oral pain may weaken or temporarily disappear with cloves treatment, the infection in the tooth or gums may continue to get worse. But Eugenol doesn’t come with any instructions and about the only conclusive studies of importance are that it takes HIGH DOSES to be effective in pest control and SMALL AMOUNTS to cause possible serious and harmful problems. It can do more in our body than simply damage tissue. The clove tree is native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. I didn't know not to put it on the gums. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on May 23, 2017: I'm glad you've found relief from pain. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on July 01, 2012: Thank you for the comment, teaches. Since cloves are generally eaten in small quantities, a single serving doesn't provide many nutrients. Thanks for the comment. Eugenol may also act as an analgesic in the mouth, since it has the ability to temporarily block pain by numbing tissues. Ground cloves are a useful addition to a kitchen spice collection. I enjoy chai tea, but I usually drink it without milk or cream. Its sudden rise in popularity can be attributed to peoples desire to use ‘green earth friendly’ products and the desire to be safe and get away from man made chemicals. Cloves are certainly a useful spice! I actually knew it already. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on November 17, 2017: Thanks for sharing the information. I did know about clove oil as a remedy for toothache but the aromatic properties of eugenol was news to me. The clove tree belongs to the myrtle family of plants. Cloves are a traditional component of chai tea, or masala chai as it's sometimes called. It would be wonderful if scientists are eventually able to create a safe and effective clove oil medicine to fight harmful bacteria in our mouths as well as relieve pain. One teaspoon of ground cloves provides about thirty percent of our daily manganese requirement. Clove oil has been found to have antimicrobial activity against certain harmful bacteria and yeasts in food, but not (so far) against harmful oral bacteria while they are inside the mouth. It's important to be aware of these. Cloves are a dark brown, aromatic spice that can add an interesting flavour to foods and drinks. It's sometimes used by dentists to numb the gums or to make a temporary filling when mixed with zinc oxide. Another great bit of wisdom shared on natural spices and their uses. Eugenol oil is peaking the interest of many a consumer for its quick knock down properties of insects, spiders and even weed control. The lethal oral dose is 3.75 g per kg body weight and ingestion is the most common way for these severe consequences to occur. Some people apply clove oil diluted with olive oil to painful gums. Many substances have been found to work in lab glassware but not inside living bodies, where the substance is diluted, removed by body fluids, broken down, inhibited by other chemicals, or not absorbed. I've never tried using clove oil for a toothache, but I applied ground cloves to my gum when I had a root problem and they did relieve my pain temporarily. It has medicinal value, but it is also used in products such as perfume and clove-flavored cigarettes. Some of the research is quite old, however. Eugenol is the most abundant ingredient in clove oil and is responsible for both the beneficial and the harmful effects of the oil. They provide a nice taste to stewed fruit and grains as well. It is one of the most important compounds present in clove has a pleasant, spicy, clove like odour. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are generally advised to avoid using clove oil and to eat cloves only in the amount that would normally be added to food. Even ground cloves can be irritating to gums if too much is used or if the cloves are used too often. It is considered SAFE by the FDA for everything except fish and humans consuming fish treated with Eugenol. If you find that it helps your toothache, remember that it's only a temporary solution. Eugenol is a compound found in certain plants, such as basil, cinnamon, lemon balm, and nutmeg, but is primarily extracted from clove plants. To my surprise, it's working insanely great!! Cloves have an intense flavour. When looking at research reports, it's important to notice whether an experiment was done "in vitro" (in lab equipment) or "in vivo" (in living things). • Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency. It's found in cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice oils as well as in clove oil. Cloves are useful either on their own or when combined with other spices. The bud at the head of the nail is surrounded by four sepals. The country called India in south Asia. (It's very important to dilute the clove oil in this situation.) Just put clove oil on my bad tooth. Very high application rates are needed to effectively control Coleoptera (weevils and beetles), moth caterpillars, lice and cockroaches. The word "clove" comes from "clavus", the Latin word for nail. This may be hard to avoid, since saliva will likely transport some of the oil through the mouth when it's applied to a tooth. The oil is far more potent than clove buds or the ground spice. The residual of clove oil is short lived so its non persistent nature makes it ideal for many applications. It includes the plants that produce allspice, eucalyptus oil, and the bay rum oil that is used in cologne and aftershave lotion. The name reflects the appearance of the dried flower buds, which look somewhat like rusty nails. They turn red-brown as they're dried. Lencer, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 License. But the warning about its effect on tissues is useful.

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