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What makes this album even more special is the backstory. Regardless of if the story behind the album has been mythologized i think it’s irrelevant. Honestly this guy is as annoying as the Pitchfork review he's whining about. An quality mash-up of themes. interesting to me that so many ppl are calling the disintegration loops overrated, to me they are so heartbreaking i can barely listen 2 em, does it get tiresome? Employee Recognition Holidays 2020, He found a stack of old classical tape reels in a junk shop, bought them, and left them in a box for a couple decades before dusting them back off out of boredom. dlp 4 was my favorite of the tracks I’ve heard. To me it's kind of supposed to be phasing between background and deep listening music. The filmed version of of 1.1, with smoke rising as the sun set on Sept. 11th, remains my second-most vivid memory of that time, after the memory of hearing the second plane hit the tower live on the radio (I was driving my little sisters to school when it happened). As for the pieces themselves, some are harder to hear than others. Each album was released on a different date from 2002 to 2003. There's a concept in literary criticism called Death of the Author, which argues that no creative work is simply the product of a single artistic mind, that it's all shaped by the culture and history it belongs to, by all the subconscious influences on the author and by the random acts of fate that can imbue a work with meaning beyond what the author intended. If you were unaware of the premise, I doubt anyone would listen to the entire piece. You'll forget the surroundings or the time of day, then other sensory information: what it smelled like, what was the temperature. Created Mar 31, 2019. Not my favorite loop, but certainly remarkable, just like any other piece on this album. It certainly ingrained itself into the fabric of the event for many people, myself included. It has brass notes like in 1.1 that go to interesting places, making the experience more subtle. I'm a bit of a restless individual, so I can't just plop myself down in a chair and sit quietly for hours while ambient music plays in the background. I honestly think these pieces belong in a museum. I got so fucking excited because I thought you were referring to this Ott. So I don't really care for Basinski. This is perhaps my favorite loop, because there's no horror or depression in it. With that in mind, also consider the medium of music in general and how it was changing at that time. Helena Stoeckley, But I worry that by lionizing it, we overlook the fact that Basinski was essentially exploiting the tragedy of 9/11 for his own artistic fame. Henry County Medical Center Job Openings, Futility Closet is a collection of entertaining curiosities in history, literature, language, art, philosophy, and mathematics, designed to help you waste time as enjoyably as possible. 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I'm in a similar manner, I like putting on post-rock when I feel a bit sad/confused in life. Can’t login to multiplayer. Towards the end, it simply fades away. To me, a recording is a historical document. King's College Acceptance Rate, Waldemar De Brito, Phone: (416) 750-0069 Examples Of Goals, It's less about the music itself and more about all the external factors that influence a work of art and the thoughts and memories it elicits. Here is a link to the first album on Spotify. Suddenly, I felt a familiar feeling of being in conversation, this time both with a specific moment of tragedy in the past and an ongoing one in the present. Each album was released on a different date from 2002 to 2003. 98645075 Listening to this album makes me feel really uncomfortable. St Mary's Hospital Building Map, But it's essentially a colonization of other people's tragedy. To fully appreciate the work, I recommend trying to put yourself into that time period as much as possible. I agree that in short doses, the music is beautiful, and I feel like if each song was cut down to 5-10 minutes and all put on one album, I would appreciate more. Shame that there aren't infinite dlps to get lost in. In small doses, it’s haunting and beautiful and can cut to the core of humanity’s struggle against entropy and decay. You might enjoy Chris Ott's take on this record. Something's Missing Lyrics Sheppard, Ambients tough because, using repetition the way it does, if you dont like 1-2 of the major elements it pretty much ruins the whole piece. I don't disagree with the suggestion that the actual tie of the loops to 9/11 is tenuous at best (esp. If you want to help keeping ambientblog online, please consider a small donation, which will be used to pay for the webhosting fees and other costs. I recommend approaching The Distegration Loops like an abstract piece of art.
Music (and any form of art for that matter) is simply what the listeners believes it to be. A comment from yt said its what guilt sounds like lol and i think thats why i like it, it makes me feel better when thinking of certain things. Thanks for writing this! Integrity Exercises, Riccardo Frascari Novia, Have you guys listened to it in full? The 9/11, photo material by Basinski on rooftop. Seeing as today is 9/11, no better time to talk about this album. In small doses, it’s haunting and beautiful and can cut to the core of humanity’s struggle against entropy and decay. The Disintegration Loops. What makes this album even more special is the backstory. Right now, it's clear, like scotch tape. This album is the forcefield against the shitstorm that 2020 continues to be. The album title is rather apt. Then you get caught up in the day to day struggle with work relationships etc., Until you look back around you and your body is different, you have different people in your life, the trees on your street are different, your parent's are older and you have this disturbing yet beautiful clarity that you are somewhere and someone different. As it happened, the 9/11 attacks occurred on the morning he finished the project, and the devastation he videotaped from his rooftop seemed to sync with the new recordings. I think there is certainly an idea of aging that comes into play with this work in particular. I do have to wonder if I don't appreciate these albums because I have no memory of the September 11 attacks. That's what this album represents for me. These albums received critical acclaim, and some publications like Pitchfork called the Disintegration Loops one of the best albums of the 2000s. I think this was number five. Press J to jump to the feed. A community for people who are passionate about music. American musician William Basinski and his four-volume album The Disintegration Loops have developed new meaning for me during this prolonged period of isolation. Auctioneers In Virginia, I feel like the best way to experience this album is to sit on top of your home, staring off into the sunset, and contemplate every life choice you've ever made (like a cliche scene from a teen movie). It's not bad music by definition, just gnarly and hopeless in its emotion. Playhouse Square Cancellations, It's a beautifully poetic examination of decay, discontinuity, and death. Admittedly, the music is very pretty, and sounds a bit like post-rock. Intrigued, Basinski let the loops continue to cycle: the sounds grew more and more indistinct with each pass as the tape literally fell apart. ! I find the crackling of vinyl records, for example, very evocative. Dlp 1.1 is an amazing composition on its own, but i love hearing how everything works together, and how it gets progressively darker. Disintegration Launch: A Message to the Community About Disintegration From V1 Interactive, the new 30-person independent development studio founded by Marcus Lehto, the co-creator of Halo, comes Disintegration, a sci-fi first-person shooter combining FPS and real time strategy elements. Not real musicians. Thank you. I always find myself enamored with the fact that no single repetition of the loop sounds the same as the previous one, at least on dlp 1.1. I'm a punk rock guy, so going from a genre where each song is loud, abrasive, and short to hour long loops is pretty jarring. Here’s a modern homage to Lucier using YouTube, showing the effects of ripping and uploading the same file 1,000 times: A photo reposted to Instagram 90 times in succession: A video fragment transferred through 20 generations of VHS tape: Enter your email address to receive notifications of new blog posts by email. Criterion Theatre Board Of Directors, Sound of music breaking down leads composer William Basinski in search of the eternal loop When Basinski synced one of these loops, "Disintegration Loop 1.1" to … “Yes, there’s that tie to 9/11. This album is a microcosm of that transition--a digital recording of analog tapes slowly falling apart. Crazy how it managed to coincide with 9/11 RIGHT as he finished. Cooking On High Cast, But after just 15 minutes, it's basically completely gone. I guess during disintegration parts. House Of Games Contestants Today, he'll cram in the same amount of detail and care and character into a 3 second loop as most producers put into entire tracks, and will literally just let the music play itself. I have no recollection of that day. I can hear my best friends talking at the end of a take, I can hear the old rooms we recorded in, and remember the fun we had. The best physical manifestation of this gradual decay of memory occurs in music. He then watched from his Brooklyn apartment as two planes struck the Twin Towers. In practical terms I really just put these albums on in the dead of winter when I'm feeling that shade of low where you can't tell if you're sad or numb and you just want to relish in feeling like you're in a state of suspended animation because you're not sure if you want to feel anything. Criterion Theatre Board Of Directors,

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