the moore family murders

There was a bridge above where his body had been discovered, with a clearing of about a meter; implying that whoever had tried to throw him into the water below had missed the mark, but had not rectified their mistake. However, instead of charging them with any known crimes, the officers proceeded to throw the three men into the nearby Torrens River. In the days immediately after Neil Muir's death, Dr. Millhouse had gone on a bit of a self-described "bender." This horrific sight was quickly reported to police, who arrived at the scene and immediately cordoned off the area around where the fisherman had reportedly discovered the floating trash bags. Just east of Adelaide, this area is well-known to Southern Australians, as it serves as a primary destination for the area's outdoorsmen and women. The house was purchased by the Moore family in 1903. This triggered a recurrence of his on-again/off-again bout with alcoholism, and within a week, he had checked himself into the Osmond House rehabilitation center... but not before consulting with his attorney for any potential legal ramifications. Neil's remains were brought in and carefully examined by the area's medical examiners, who quickly discovered an alarming red flag, which harkened back to the discovery of Alan Barnes' corpse. Once it became clear that something had happened to Peter, his family launched a frantic search for him, starting in the family's home. This reported sighting led police to the notion that a group of people might have been acting in-tandem to abduct Richard, for reasons that appeared nefarious. Listen to "The Family Murders (Part One: The Murders)" on Spreaker. Alan's body had fallen to the dirt below, twisting and contorting in such a way that - should he have been alive - would have surely resulted in death or serious injury. At this point, the idea of a random killer hadn't even crossed investigators' minds. The older man in the driver's seat reached into the backseat and pulled out a beer from a cooler, offering it to George. Authorities focused on the way she was found, with her arms and legs akimbo. Concerned, she approached the house between 7 and 8 AM but no one responded to her knocks. However, they quickly began to narrow in on the one avenue of the investigation that seemed most enticing to them at the time: Neil's dependency on drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, information gathered by police that fateful Tuesday began to cast doubt on the idea that Richard had willingly chosen to run away from home. The very next day - August 28th, 1979 - a couple of fishermen were heading out to the Port Adelaide River, on what was supposed to be a regular workday for them. According to some witnesses in the area, screams had been heard at around the time that Richard had disappeared, some time between 5:30 and 6:30 PM that Sunday. A short time later, police were contacted and later arrived at the scene to document the grisly find. Because of this prime location, Adelaide has become one of the country's most populated areas, and more than a million Australians live in the city itself; which is split in half by the Torrens River, which runs through the center of Adelaide. Unfortunately, gross mismanagement of the scene of the crime and related evidence made it impossible to come to a clear conclusion. Unfortunately, that Thursday, Peter never arrived at the mall to meet his friend. He told officers what the two had been up to that weekend: hanging out on Saturday and into Sunday morning, before splitting up. On the night of 9 June 1912, the six members of the Moore family and two house guests were bludgeoned to death in the residence. Peckham then let the family’s chickens out and called Josiah’s brother, Ross Moore, while their employee, Ed Selley, fed the horses on the brother’s request. Because homosexuality was still outlawed in Australia at this point, Vice officers would often detain individuals that they believed were loitering nearby known gay hotspots. If that was true, then could that have been happening to the other young male victims that had been viciously murdered in the preceding years? Police didn't believe that this voice was Richard, as he was a teenager with a deep voice that had already cracked. He likely did this to hide it from his parents, in case they made it home before he did. He had seemingly disappeared, and a brief search of the area failed to come up with him. Neil Muir was someone that you could describe as a transient. The event would come to be known as the Villisca axe murders and would baffle law enforcement for over a century. He was last seen stumbling down the street, supposedly wandering off to parts unknown. The following Sunday, June 24th - one week after Alan had last been seen alive - a couple of hikers were bushwalking up in the area known as the Adelaide Foothills. But, just like the failure to properly drop Alan's body into the water, these bags had failed to make it to their intended location; still resting against the coast, instead of floating out to sea, where they'd have been lost forever. In the end, not even this final suspect was convicted of the crime. Geesman. His mother, Judy, would later describe him as being incredibly witty; "cheeky," as she describes in a 2006 documentary, going on to say that Alan was always quick on his feet, and would respond to any type of comment with something sarcastic and bitterly funny. Through these connections, police were able to link all of these crimes together. On the day of the crime, he was traveling through Villisca on his regular route to visit small communities north of town. He failed to make any contact with his family, and police began to express concern that he had gone missing under duress. While the men in the river struggled to make it back to the shore, the group that had thrown them into the water made their escape before camera crews or onlookers could begin to gather. The fishermen probed the bags - a mystery just waiting to be unearthed - and quickly discovered that the bags held human remains. Nine days after Mark Langley went missing, his body was discovered in the Adelaide Foothills, close to Mount Lofty in the area known as Summertown. This story would become historic, in more ways than one. Sadly, Neil's biggest vice was his ever-evolving drug addiction. Police suspected him due to his having been caught peering into windows days before the murders and then having dropped off bloody laundry shortly thereafter. Allegations would even surface that indicated Dr. Millhouse had been one of the people in the area that supplied Neil with prescription drugs, but that would remain an allegation for the foreseeable future. The area around the scar had even been shaved away, implying that this a methodical decision by someone with surgical experience... perhaps someone trying to rectify a mistake. His body had been dissected into parts, with his internal organs carved out and missing, replaced by his lower legs and arms, which had been sawed off and placed inside of his hollowed-out chest cavity.

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