the oregon trail 5th edition play online

i cant get this to play at all please help me. Funny running into this thread. ????? If the player chose carpenter, the points will be doubled.

. Game Controls of the Oregon Trail Game. ???????? This is an old game but a good one at that.

They will be reminded of the available supplies, the current weather, and the health condition of the leader. However, There's an issue with the INI file that you'll need to manually patch with notepad, the link is, It'll pass soon. i love this game my teacher said to do this and we all loved it.

I just wish it didn't have so many glitches. It's a great game, but every time the tab refreshes or I restart my computer, the game restarts.

Deer (eastern section) and elk (western section) were in the middle in terms of speed, size, and food yield; bear were between bison and deer in all three properties. For those of you who can't get past the part after entering names, if you pressed the shift button, you are stuck in caps lock. and i like the dry language of disease and death. The OSX versions are terrible. During the hunting game, the little guy stops moving all of a sudden while he's walking, even though there's nothing in his path.

I try pressing all the numbers but none of them show up. The original game was designed to teach school children about the realities of 19th century pioneer life on the Oregon Trail. One of the most important aspects of the game is hunting for food. Vote for There is also an option to ask for a piece of advice. Hangs in Chrome 53 at random times repeatable many times, Thieves stole all but 1 of my oxen so we were fucking stranded in the winter and we all died. My friend got 3k points but is not up there. Very fun!

This thread is archived. I loved this awful game as a kid, and its just as fun as an adult!

Wow... what a great post!

Though it's not five stars, it's still great!

Simple, but in it's own way, difficult and addictive. Great job by the Internet Archive making this available. Like... for instance, i put alpha, (from Hilda) my D&D characters, Artanis, (Starcraft 1 and 2) and a dog or a cat or something similar. If you know how to help please respond or contact me at harbin1738@, got over 2000 on my second play as a farmer. Things went uphill from there. I can't get this game to work at all. Best game ever. Any help is appreciated! In total, we played about 2 hours that day! If anyone figures it out, let us know! i would get to what month I leave and it freezes.

Full Description. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

There is no loading sign or anything! The game works for a while, then completely stops. Does anyone know how one can play Oregon Trail 5th edition on windows 10? The game is incredible. ?? Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it, .Thank you for preserving this, this game is great and its from 2002 and now its 2018. plz don't stop preserving history, ????? That was really annoying, considering how important resources are to this game.

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