theodor fahrner hallmark

Bracelets by Otis: A Surprising Connection, Schreiber & Hiller: A Jewelry Mystery Solved, Books & Online Resources for Jewelry Research. The search it leaves on your credit file cannot be seen by lenders and will not affect their decision. Patriz Huber. Silver, turquoises and blue enamel. Green, formed Joseph J. Mazer & Co., Inc., and became known as Jomaz. Silver, blue enamel. A. The same announcement in the January 18 issue of Women’s Wear and the February issue of Notions and Fancy Goods that year stated: “William W. Hobe, formerly a designer of art and novelty buttons for Lemoine and Paquin, Paris, for a number of years, and later with the button house of Seliger & Co., Berlin, has started in business for himself under the trade name of the Hobé Button Co., Inc., at 127 Madison Avenue”. She opened a gift shop in The McAlpin Hotel on July 30, 1926, and then hired Frank Hess, a young window dresser from Macy’s, as her chief designer. Circa 1915. In 1920, the firm moved from Maiden Lane to larger quarters at 333 Fifth Avenue. He was one of the foremost designers in Pforzheim in the Black Forrest in Southern Germany. Marked: TF, 900. Enabled exportation to Britain. Tiny emeralds and rubies and marcasite highlight the design. 1883. This bracelet is a good example of Fahrner’s work. The company then took the name Foster & Bailey and continued operations until early 1898, when Foster bought out his partner. Still very Art Nouveau in style. Theodor Fahrner, Jr., (1859 – 1919) ran the company from 1883 until his death. In 1932, filigree was added to the inventory. By the 1950s, the company’s designs incorporated more bling, in response to contemporary tastes for more glamour. (According to Brunialti, the firm produced costume jewelry, mainly in sterling silver, in the 1940s.) It is set with a citrine and is typical of the late Art Nouveau period (circa 1910-1920) with the hand made stylised leaves and decorative silver wire work. Brooch, c1901. WWII: jewelry was still produced , although in 1945 the factory was destroyed by a bomb and all archives were lost. Based in Phortzeim in the Black Forrest in Germany, this factory was a major player in the production of well designed, good quality jewellery. The directory indicated that the mark on the right was also used for sterling silver toilet ware. By the 1940s, stage and film actresses such as Carole Lombard, Bette Davis and Ava Gardner were wearing Hobé jewelry both on and off stage. Signed: maker's mark, 935, Patriz Huber. He worked for at least two local button companies before starting his own firm in 1916. The 1943 (fifth) edition of Trade Marks of the Jewelry and Kindred Trades, listed the above symbols as well as FORSTNER, FORTUNE, SNAP-LOCK, DUBL-LOCK, and SLIDE RING. The company used many of the same techniques and craftsmanship standards as those employed in the making of fine jewelry. From 1926-1955, Forstner Chain was issued numerous utility patents pertaining to various types of chains, bracelets, ornamental belts, suspenders, watchbands, key chains, collar pins, tie holders, and cuff links. & S. W. Granbery in the Newark city directory was in 1929. In the 1960s, William’s sons Robert and Donald (1924 – 2011) took over the company. Stern (1856 – 1919) was a diamond setter and engraver. In 1907, the Deutscher Warbund was formed to promote an alliance between art and industry. }, A good silver bracelet by the well known firm Theodor Fahrner. In 1948, the brothers separated: Louis and his son Nathan continued the Mazer Brothers business under the name Mazer Bros., Inc.; Joseph and his son Lincoln, in partnership with Paul A. Discover (and save!) However, a 1934 Vogue ad for a compact produced by the company shows their name as Jacques Kreisler Sales Corp. Late in the decade, William’s wife, Sylvia, designed a series of Oriental figures known as bandores. There is no maker's mark but it is similar to designs by Theodor Fahrner who was a German designer. Each designer had a distinctive style. In the late 1930s and 1940s, rhinestone-laden necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings were the focus. Brooch, 1901/02. One of the most desirable names in early 20th Century European costume jewellery, Fahrner's intention was to raise the artistic quality of industrially or part-industrially made pieces to the level of art jewellery Hobé jewelry was marketed under the slogan “Jewels of Legendary Splendor”, with Hollywood actresses and top models used in advertising campaigns. Sometime after his emigration from Hungary in 1911, Jacques Kreisler (1890 – 1974) joined the firm of Marcus Stern Manufacturing Co. at 41 Maiden Lane in New York City. Marekd: Theodor Fahrner, PforzheimMattemail, Hämatit. The company found particular success in the design and manufacture of charms and charm bracelets. Since 2002, LiveAuctioneers has made exceptional items available for safe purchase in secure online auctions. Silver Medal at the Paris World’s Fair. The corporate history briefly recounted in recent articles about the company’s current operations indicate that it closed during the Depression and then re-opened a year later under the leadership of Jacques Kreisler and Tobias Stern. Silver, amethyst. With ties to traditional fine jewelry design, the company’s focus was always high-quality materials and techniques to produce imitations of fine jewelry at an affordable price. 2.9 x 2.1 cm. In 1880 the company occupied only one floor of the Richmond Street building. The company began selling their pieces in up-scale department stores and boutiques in the 1930s. […]. His factory was a major player in the production of well designed good quality jewellery in the Art Deco period. Researching vintage jewelry marks. Theodor Fahrner, Pforzheim. In 1922, they opened a Chicago office. In the 1934 edition of the Jewelry Trade Mark Book, the owner of the company’s trademark is listed as Kreisler, Stern Co., successors to Jacques Kreisler & Co. A utility patent for a vanity case with multiple compartments applied for in 1934 and granted to Kreisler in 1935 was assigned to Kreisler Stern Co., Inc. Co. was incorporated in Providence, Rhode Island, on June 1, 1898, but had its origins much earlier. The firm of Theodor Fahrner is and was very well known as it employed cutting edge artists who designed extraordinary pieces. }, A stylish Art Deco necklace by the well known firm, Theodor Fahrner. D. 4.8 cm. & S. W. Granbery incorporated on December 18, 1907. By then Miriam Haskell jewelry was being sold by up-scale department stores and shops in many locations around the U.S. For nearly 35 years, Hess remained head designer and was succeeded by Robert Clark (1960-1968), Peter Raines (1968-1970), Larry Vrba (1970-1978) and Camille (Millie) Petronzio (1980 to the present). Silver, pearls, matt black enamel cloisonne. Production ceased in 1954. 2008 - 2020. Brothers Wilhelm (1878 – 1962) and Walter (1884 – 1979) were born in Pforzheim, a jewelry-making center in Germany. Three cufflinks, circa 1900. 4.2 x 3.2 cm. Production ceased after his death in 1979. This necklace is silver gilt and set with a green tourmaline. That corporation was dissolved in 1954. Marked: Theodor Fahrner, Pforzheim , Choker, 1905, L. 31 cm. 1928/30 , 935 silver, onyx bars, amazonite elements and marcasites, pure Art-Deco, NEW YORK – Fine Art and Asian treasures are getting considerable attention in Love at First Bid’s next auction on Wednesday, Jan. 23, which gets under way at 11 a.m. EST. All rights reserved. The company was granted many design and utility patents pertaining to bracelets, vanity cases, lipstick holders, and hair brushes/mirrors. They indicate that Leach & Miller was located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, and had branch offices in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Joseph Maria Olbrich. A December 15, 1926 article in the same publication discussed a collection of “metal and composition buckles and clasps” and wood-bead belts displayed by Hobé et Cie and The Hobé Button Co. Brooch, c1901. The firm was well known for the quality and design of it's jewellery. Based in Phortzeim in the Black Forrest in Germany, this factory was a major player in the production of well designed good quality jewellery. All designs had to be approved by Lampl, who held all design patents. William’s grandson James ran it from the 1980s to 1995. It is a very bold piece with a large faceted citrine at the base and four rectangular pieces of amazonite above it. }, A very good example of a silver gilt double flower brooch, set with two blue synthetic stones and marcasite (iron pyrites), made by Theodor Fahrner. The firm was based in Phortzeim in the Black Forrest, Germany, and produced some of the best Art Deco silver jewellery. It was designed and made by the famous firm of “Theodor Fahrner” which was founded in Pforzeim in the Black Forrest in Germany in the early 1900s. Diamet, THEODOR FAHRNER JUGENDSTIL BROOCHES, KLEINHEMPEL, Art-Deco-Brooch THEODOR FAHRNER approx. }, A stylish Art Deco silver pendant by the well known firm, Theodor Fahrner. Sterling encrusted with marcasites, articulated pendant set with smokey quartz and red coral suspends from lozenge link. }, In Germany Art Nouveau was known as Jugendstil, this became a major influence on the decorative arts by 1900. During World War II, business was booming. Among her contemporaries as well as today’s collectors, Haskell’s jewelry is prized for its innovative and complex designs and skillful execution to the highest standards. Ownership of the company changed in 1950, when Miriam Haskell sold it to her brother, and again in 1955, 1983 and 1990.

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