theory of authority

Power and authority are perhaps the most vital aspects of all organisations in general and political organisations in particular. This authority holds the organization together. Needless to say that Weber uses the term legitimacy in the light of greater and wider perspective. It is subject to change and it has source. 3. The latter are subordinates to the former. Determination of duties in terms of objectives will enable the sub-ordinate to know by what standards his performance will be evaluated. Formal authority is reduced to nominal authority if it is not accepted by the subordinates. It is based on the influencer’s, desire to identify with or imitate the influence. But if he is asked to produce a particular number of pieces of a product, the duty is in terms of target or objective. Edited by Anthony Quinton). This theory was first formulated by Mary Parker Follett and later popularized by Chester Barnard and Simon. It is what one is expected to do in order to carry out his prescribed job. Prohibited Content 3. When superior assigns any duty or work to sub-ordinate by his authority it becomes a responsibility on the part of sub-ordinate to perform that duty. Right also means the claim to something. Since accountability of higher authority for the acts of subordinates is absolute, most companies agree to this principle, although in practice it is sometimes violated. Responsibility without authority is as meaningless as authority without responsibility. Power, Authority and the State 7 also an important concept in political sociology. This authority is exercised by staff specialists who do not form part of the formal chain of command. This theory emphasizes sanctions that a manager can use and overlooks the influence of social institutions like trade unions. It is the supreme coordinating power and is very important for the managerial job. This power is based on belief that the influencer has some relevant expertise or special knowledge that the influence does not have. These qualities include technical competence and social prestige in the organization. It showed that people have a strong tendency to comply with authority figures. Plagiarism Prevention 5. But accountability in itself cannot be delegated. In the exercise of authority, the administration of power, laws and rules, including institutional duties and protocols, have control over individuals. It has some specific rules and regulations and take care of the national interests. Sometimes charisma and legality are to be find a single person. If the source dries up power generation or enhancement will stop. In Latin “Potestas” is commonly used.

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