thompson irish name

Source: "The Scotch-Irish: A Social History" James G Leyburn.

The spelling of the name with a "p" distinguishes the family from the Thomsons, who were a Scottish Clan originally known as MacThomais. More than five thousand Ulstermen that year made the journey to the American colonies. In Need of Suggestions of Beautiful Irish Names fo... Where did the last name of SHOULDERS Name come fr... What's a good name for a male Irish Wolfhound? s.async = true;s.src = '//';

The competition of Irish cloth seemed unendurable to English cloth interests. What do you think of this Irish Boy's Name? One of the most numerous non-indigenous names, usually of English origin.

Thompson won both an Academy Award and a BAFTA for her performance.William Thompson is thought to be the first man to be described as a ‘confidence trickster’.

Thomson: líonmhar: an Dún & rl. When the fourth successive year of drought ruined the crops in 1717, serious preparations began to be made for a migration. My name is Peggy Thompson from Nova Scotia Canada. Generally the name Thomson is of Scottish origins, as they didn’t add the ‘p’. There are endless variations as shown below. From the first name, many surnames developed such as Thomson, Toms and Thomas as a last name.Thompson was the name given to the ‘son of Thomas’, with the ‘p’ being added to the name in England for easier pronunciation. I am researching my great great grandfather “John Thomson” who came to Nova Scotia, Canada circa 1820. It was when Ulster developed, in rapid succession, two new industries that the pinch came. There are also separate forums for the THOMSON surname and other Thompson variations. What are some good irish names for boys and girls? There were but two real drawbacks--the dangers of an ocean crossing (especially for woman and children) and the expense of that passage. I was looking up irish baby names for my friend du... Survey: What is your English to Irish name transla... Is mackey a irish name? r.parentNode.insertBefore(s, r); Does anyone know any more about the name McQuerry,... Is Ni谩mh Mary Raferty a strong Irish name....?

Parishes where Thompson and a second surname are found together, Click here to see all variants on a single map, Irish Times subscribers | | Login | |

The name was commonly spelled MacTamhais, MacThamhais or MacTomhais, alternately spelled MacThamais or MacThomais, in a given era. Thompson is a popular name throughout all English speaking countries around the world. At the Kings command, Irish Parliament in Dublin passed the Woolens Act in 1699, giving a crippling blow to the industry in Ulster.

Both woolen and linen manufacture grew apace in the closing years of the seventeenth century, bringing remarkable prosperity to North Ireland and arousing uneasiness among English competitors. ----- From MacLysaght, The Surnames of Ireland: Thom(p)son Though of comparatively recent introduction this is the second most numerous purely non-Irish name in Ireland.

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