throwing up clear liquid on period

If you feel like throwing up on period and it’s not serious, you could wait it out for a few days. Disclaimer  Nausea is one of the most common medical symptoms and it can be related to many different conditions. If you are vomiting on period, Here are the possible reasons it happens. So, when you have sexual involvement with someone, and you see the discharge after that activity, there is nothing to be worried. Dear Dr. Dunn, This is my very first time to visit this awesome blog. This imbalance may cause intense emotional changes. Clear Watery Discharge Before and During Period, How to Find LegitScript Certified Detox and Rehab Centers, Best Essential Oils For Ovarian, Ganglion or Sebaceous Cysts, Dizziness During Period – Causes and Remedies, Mucus Threads in Urine – Causes and Treatment, Thieves Essential Oil – 7 Amazing Uses, Recipe and Reviews 2017, What Is Blue Waffle Disease and How to Treat It. Leg pain, constipation, and painful urination are other symptoms you will experience if fibroid tumor is very huge. PMDD is a lot less common than PMS, and only affects about 5 percent of menstruating women. This will reduce the risk of complications. Generally, oral contraceptives are used to treat: If you have PID, you’ll need antibiotics. Food poisoning is quite common, and if you are experiencing vomiting for days after taking a meal, it could be due to bacterial, viral or parasitic infections. Also, you may feel nauseous, back pain, painful sexual intercourse, and body weakness. Healtholino is a Healthy Lifestyle Magazine. While a clear sticky substance seeps from vagina, please don’t think that you are pregnant. When similar tissue grows outside your uterus, it’s called endometriosis. While a clear sticky substance seeps from vagina, please don’t think that you are pregnant. Clear Watery Discharge Before and During Period. The most common causes of PID are chlamydia and gonorrhea. There are many things a woman won’t take for granted, and PMS symptoms before period is one of them. In primary dysmenorrhea, the pain is caused by increased uterine contractions. These symptoms can happen before your menstrual period and continue into your period. Read more About Dr. Dunn A. Besides, you can also find that blood smudges with your vaginal discharge, and this condition is also called as the implantation bleeding, and this condition may be continuously experienced all through the pregnancy. Commonly used NSAIDs include: PMS and PMDD may be treated with selective serotonin uptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These include: In general, it’s not uncommon to feel nauseous during your period. PMDD is a severe form of PMS. Oral contraceptives, or birth control pills, are designed to prevent pregnancy. The material on this website is written by Dr. Dunn A. This is often scant and looks as egg white.  About Medplux  SSRIs are antidepressants that increase your brain’s serotonin levels. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! It often happens when a sexually transmitted infection in the vagina spreads to the uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes.

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