towns in kwabre east district

There were also about 10 part time tour guides who were called upon during peak periods. GoG Payslip Portal Excluding the jobs created for the artisans at the Ntonso community, the finishing activities employed about 15 people at Adanwomase. Some artisans have therefore taken advantage of its prestigious and endearing appeal to design various kinds of artefacts/items with the strips of kente cloth. The act of weaving was the most common and visible employment opportunity created by the kente weaving industry in the community (see figure 3). These shop owners sometimes hired store keepers as well. Spinning and Warping: Source: Kwabre East District Baseline Survey; February, 2011 The Kwabre East Municipal is one of the 254 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana and forms part of the 23 MMDAs in the Ashanti  Region. Accommodation Operators All profits earned through tourism are used for the benefit of the entire community. Efforts have thus been made to encourage the provision of accommodation facilities especially within communities with viable touristic activities. Ahwiaa population was about 31,172 in the year 2010. Forms of Employment Created through the Kente Weaving Industry Adanwomase Kente Weavers and Sellers Association, The Sasea and Royal Kente Weavers of Adanwomase. Part of their earnings was however ploughed back into their businesses. The kente cloth was thus a major input for the economic activities of other skilled workers in the community. The community of Adanwomase in conjunction with the District Assembly and their development partners such as the European Union have established a Tourists’ Centre. The town is widely known for its Municipal Hospital and currently a Senior High school; "Our Lady Of Grace Senior High School" refurbished with state of the Art learning materials and infrastructures making it one of the most beautiful and high standard institutions of study in the Ashanti Region. Some craftsmen received tourists on daily basis while others did on weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Figure 4 is a picture of foreign visitors at Adanwomase with a tourist guide (second from right). Product Finishers: Similar to the traders at Ahwiaa, there were local shop owners who traded only in kente cloth. The process was then left in hands of ‘finishers’ who completed the activity. The majority (49.4%t) of participants were employed in the industrial sector especially the carving and weaving activities either as artisans or traders. Although estimates of the retailers and exporters could not be ascertained, it was expected that their incomes would be higher than that of the local traders as they had wider customer base. Weavers who learnt the skill through apprenticeship were often immigrants from the other regions in Ghana especially the Volta region. The touristic/cultural activities constitute the second major economic activity in the District behind agriculture. Moreover, due to absence of requisite wood for carving in Ahwiaa, some individuals had found employment by arranging for wood for the carvers from relevant sources. On the average, the local store owners earned GH¢250/$92.6 monthly. The skill was informally taught to young males. Estimates revealed that, these group of artisans earned from GH¢200 to GH¢400 ($74.1 to $148.1) monthly depending on the state of the market which often depended on foreign visitors. Other physical interventions include the construction of modern washrooms for Ahwiaa and Ntonso tourist centres and the construction of a craft village at Ahwiaa for the carving industry. There were basically three kinds of traders when it comes to the marketing of the products namely: Local store owners, retailers and exporters. I took advantage of his break periods to practice” (Tett, 15 year old weaver at Adanwomase) Drying was necessary before the product finishers could process it further. These people made cartons using cardboards.

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