towns in upper east region ghana

These draw a lot of tourists to the region. In the country as a whole, only 4.5 per cent of households have an adequate facility (i.e. The proportion of births in the last 12 months, by age of the mother, shows that the proportion at the beginning and at the tail ends of the childbearing ages are very close, indicating continuous child bearing by women in all the districts. This number includes persons who were in prison/hospital or in transit on Census night or persons on the street. The Busanga who form 5.9 per cent in the region have major concentrations in only Bawku West (7.8%) and Bawku East (15.4%). It is higher than 10 per cent in only the 3 more urbanised districts of Kasesena- Nankana (10.1%), Bolgatanga (20.3%) and Bawku East (11.7%). Within the region there are currently twelve (12) political parliamentary constituencies. The region’s total ever married is higher than what is observed for the country as a whole where only two out of every three (68.1%) have ever married. A little over a half (52.6%) of households using five or more sleeping rooms have seven or more members. Altogether they provide employment to about 6,000 small-scale farmers. The proportion of males (93.3%) and that of females (92.2%) never married is about the same. Economically active population (aged 15 years and older). googletag.defineSlot('/114450422/Maphill_com_Overview_adm1_BTF_MediumRectangle_300x250', [300, 250], 'div-gpt-ad-Overview-adm1-BTF-MediumRectangle-300x250').addService(googletag.pubads()); The architectural mud roofing phenomenon of flat mud roof houses is prevalent in northern Ghana and serves as sleeping place for households when normal sleeping rooms become unbearably hot. A swelling river, connecting to the Wea Dam and lake. From simple outline maps to detailed map of Upper East. The age-sex ratios from age group 45-49 to the oldest age, pick-up gradually and in a consistent manner except for the dents at ages 50-54 and 60 - 64 years. Formal sector employees constitute 15.3 percent. The proportion currently married is higher in the region than in the country as a whole where only 49.9 per cent are currently married. This is because the upper half is underlain by granites and its subsidiary Birimian metamorphics as compared to the Voltaian mudstones and shales in the southern half of the region. In other words, migrants in the region constitute between 6 and 13 per cent of Ghanaians by birth. Hybrid map combines high-resolution satellite images with detailed street map overlay. wg_adresa_lnk=""; The proportion of employees for the region is a third that of the country. The overall levels of educational attainment are much lower in the region, compared with the country as whole. In terms of bathing space, 82.8 per cent of households in the region use space provided for the purpose within the house, while 15.5 per cent use the open space around the house/compound and 1.3 per cent use either a public bath house or a bathroom in another house. The proportion of households occupying one or two rooms in the region varies from 9.3 per cent of households in the Bawku East, to 37.4 per cent in the Kassena-Nankana, District. .frprvw .img { Light bills from Bongo and Zebilla systems amounting to the tune of Ghs150,000.00 is still outstanding. These are Government, NGOs, particularly religious organizations, large industrial establishments and private individuals. Migrants from the two adjacent regions (Northern and Upper West) are concentrated in three districts namely, Bolgatanga, Bawku East and Kassena-Nankana. 31.6 per cent of households use well water for drinking and the remaining households (18.1%) depend on natural and man-made water sources such as spring, river/stream, rain water and dugout to collect rain water.

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