unconventional wedding venues

But if you're on the lookout for regal destination spots, consider tying the knot at the royal home of William and Kate, Kensington Palace in London. Plan a rustic, outdoors-inspired wedding weekend full of fun activities like group hikes and big meals (and s'mores) around a campfire. Learn more about wedding venues in Seattle on The Knot. According to Historic Royal Palaces, lucky couples can book one of the palace's halls, rooms or gardens for an unforgettable royal-inspired wedding. We’re willing to bet that when most of you hear “bowling alley,” you don’t think “romance.” That makes it one of the most unconventional wedding venues out there! Aside from that, It will likely cost less as you will have to limit the people you invite. 34 quirky, unconventional, alternative, untraditional, cool wedding venues based in the North West and North East of the UK for creative couples. If you’re given the permission, then prepare to walk down the memory lane (quite literally). Well, you may want to go the extra mile and hold your ceremony at a desert! 0. This leads to an uber-hip industrial vibe (think brick walls, thick wooden beams and exposed steel). Nevertheless, you can emulate the “jungle feels” by celebrating your union while surrounded by giant tropical trees! A city hall wedding doesn’t have to be an elopement. Mix and match everything on your tables, from the centerpiece vessels to the chargers and glassware, to fit the laid-back vintage vibe. Public parks provide some of the prettiest backdrops you'll find for your fete—not to mention your wedding photos. All these factors make it one of the best unconventional wedding venues out there. A single-screen palace, gorgeously decorated and lavishly appointed. Natural history museums, city museums, air and space museums, and even children's museums often have spaces to rent after-hours. For example, some historic ships or out-of-commission military vessels are permanently docked but open for weddings, if still is more your speed. If being in front of the screen at a movie theater doesn’t make you the center … Finding the perfect wedding venue can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but it doesn’t need to (unless you’re looking for a barn motif- HA!). Check out some of our favorite unusual wedding venues from around the country. Ashley Lester Photography. Rent a private mansion for your, Hotel wedding venues are among the most popular, stylish, and convenient places, Choosing your top wedding venue can be a tough decision, but when a space just, barns are super-popular wedding locations, stadiums around the country can host weddings, 11 Santa Barbara Estates You Can Rent for Your Wedding Day, 5 Signs You’ll Be Happy With Your Top Wedding Venue Choice, 12 Places You Didn't Know You Could Get Married. “We’re a family-owned barn wedding venue on a farm in Tregynon, mid Wales. have put together some categories to which you might relate. Tying the knot in a stadium may be your thing if you both love sports. Depending on your locale, this might mean renting the space from the hotel or restaurant that has rights to that strip of beach, but the cost can often be worth the privacy! But through my work as a mentor helping couples keep their DIY weddings on track, I'm also seeing couples booking wedding venues that are very different than the rustic venues so often associated with DIY weddings. Some of the popular underwater locations include: Just make sure that your wedding schedule will fall on a clear, sunny day. The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation, a wedding reception a one-of-a-kind touch. Just keep in mind that peak season for theme parks usually runs from January through April and they usually schedule weddings and receptions before or after normal operating hours, so plan accordingly. Your ceremony venue is also a great reception venue; it’s got a bar with snacks, and something to do at the reception besides the chicken dance. Nestled in valleys and perched on hillsides, these fir farms have no shortage of greenery—and imagine exchanging vows amid the lovely scent of evergreens. Or, bring the past, present and future together when you choose a venue that means something special to you, like the university campus where you met. Speaking of photos, make sure you’ll hire professionals to capture the beauty of a union in the desert. 34 quirky, unconventional, alternative, untraditional, cool wedding venues based in the North West and North East of the UK for creative couples. Celebrating love will always be special no matter who the couples are. They say not all who wander are lost. From treehouses to alpaca farms (seriously!) An industrial backdrop for a wedding at The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation; photo provided by Momo Visuals. But the result is sure to be nothing short of spectacular. No matter where you choose to host your wedding ceremony and reception, the setting can and should reflect your mutual love for your surroundings. Inspired by these off-the-beaten-path locations? If being in front of the screen at a movie theater doesn’t make you the center of attention enough, see if your town has a theater-in-the-round. With that said, a careful planning is key to make the most of out of your unusual venue. Not every bride needs a puffy, pastry-shaped dress, and not every venue needs to be surrounded by church bells and stained glass windows. The same as above goes for hosting your wedding at an aquarium. Love the theater but want to get married outside? Like their rustic DIY venue counterparts, they often provide couples with a lot of flexibility to make their own wedding planning decisions. Remember, marrying on the water doesn't necessarily mean on the high seas. Feeling like portraying Tarzan and Jane? Didn’t think about using a school? It’s simple and convenient for both you and your guests. Dismiss. Images: Michael Tallman Photography; Paul Robert Berman Photography; Michael Tallman Photography; Momo Visuals. An unconventional wedding venue location should be memorable not for the hassle but for the good times. And while they're the perfect spot for an intimate, casual wedding, pulling off an affair on a grander scale can be done. Animal lovers, take note: Many public zoos offer their spaces for special events, which is the perfect opportunity to wed in close proximity to furry critters and stoic reptiles. Whether you love mountaintop experiences or deep-sea diving, you can make this adventure your own. If the cathedrals are all booked, it’s too cold for a state park, and the local designated wedding venues are scheduling two years in advance, it’s time to consider some unconventional wedding venues. Or choose a science museum and let the zapping of Jacob’s Ladders provide a counterpoint to your bridal recession. The nation’s jungle areas, aside from being lusciously green, are home to several Mayan ruins. Your choice of a wedding venue is crucial to the overall outcome of the ceremony. Alternative Wedding Venues. Okay, stay with us on this one. This is a venue that is chosen by some because of reasons deeper than just breaking the norm.

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