unifi switch cli enable port

It is the time period that the switch remains in Non-Querier mode once it has discovered that there is a Multicast Querier in the network. This command enables logging host reconfiguration. The range for the priority is 0–7. This command configures a port as a promiscuous or host private VLAN port. Displays the number of EAPOL frames with an invalid Packet Body Length received on this port. Number of times the system tried to allocate a message buffer allocation of class RX Mid1. The same MAC Address is used by all VLAN routing interfaces. Use this command to set LACP actor admin state to individual. This command displays pool configuration. Associates the secondary VLAN with the primary one. Binding type; statically configured from the CLI or dynamically learned. When MAC-based authentication is enabled on the port, this parameter is deprecated. The name of port-channel (LAG) interface. Use this command in Privileged EXEC mode to display the configured global source-interface (Source IP address) details used for an SNMP client. A unicast MAC address for which the switch has forwarding and or filtering information. Shows whether the interface sends optional TLVs in the LLDPDUs. A Leave All PDU indicates that all registrations will be unregistered. The switch applies a policy to a packet when it finds a class match within that policy. The number of EAPOL logoff frames that have been received by this authenticator. All members of a port channel must participate in the same protocols.) The range is 1 to 20 characters. Note that this number does not include packets directed to the broadcast address. This command sets the PoE operational mode on specific port(s). The last time over which a log or a SNMP trap message is generated. Use this command to display the number of DHCP and other UDP packets processed and relayed by the UDP relay agent. Identifier used to identify the configuration currently being used. This command enables TCP SYN and FIN Denial of Service protection. The possible Match Criteria fields are: Destination IP Address, Destination Layer 4 Port, Destination MAC Address, Ethertype, Source MAC Address, VLAN, Class of Service, Every, IP DSCP, IP Precedence, IP TOS, Protocol Keyword, Reference Class, Source IP Address, and Source Layer 4 Port. The number of RADIUS Accounting-Request packets retransmitted to this RADIUS accounting server. The alarm that may be sent. Use a unique session-id for all AAA Service types. If FTP is used, a password is required. This value must be greater than the IGMPv3 Maximum Response time value. This is not displayed if policing not in use for the class under this policy. Status of the last SNTP request (in unicast mode) or unsolicited message (in broadcast mode). For broadcast, multicast, and unicast storm-control, if the rate of traffic ingressing on an interface increases beyond the configured threshold for that type, the traffic is dropped. Use this command to set LACP partner admin state to individual. Use this command to show the global DAI configuration. For Admit All mode, untagged frames or priority frames received on this interface are accepted and assigned the value of the interface VLAN ID for this port. Use this command to enable the circuit-id suboption of DHCP Option 82 on the specified VLAN. If the mode is enabled, Denial of Service prevention is active for this type of attack. This command displays the currently configured SNMP engineID. This field is valid for OUI auto VoIP. The specific n value is platform dependent. The default is blank. The port number that transmitted the LLDPDU. Status (Active/Inactive) of the IPv6 ACL rule. This allows this port to transition to Forwarding State without delay. This counter does not increment when the interface is operating in half-duplex mode. If probe port is not set then this field is blank. Use this command to display configuration information about the specified LAG interface. Voice VLAN enables switch ports to carry voice traffic with defined priority so as to enable separation of voice and data traffic coming onto the port. This command either attaches a specific MAC Access Control List (ACL) identified by name to an interface or all interfaces (Global Config), or associates it with a VLAN ID. he total number of packets transmitted by the interface. This command enables logging to memory. The. This command displays policy service information for the specified interface and direction.

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