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Henry left Massachusetts for England three months later, but not before finally opposing the new Governor ‘s legislation to exclude settlers like his friends who were said to hold ‘dangerous opinions’. Sir Henry Vane the Elder, Member of Parliament and important member of Charles I household, at first his Governor, later his Treasurer, purchased Raby Castle, Barnard Castle and Estate for £18,000. He chose to make Raby his principal home and de-roofed and removed stone from Barnard Castle to repair and maintain Raby. If you are looking for more activities to do with your kids, don’t miss the coach house and the adventure playground. If you are interested in castles, history, or enjoy beautiful gardens and landscape, this is one of the best days out you could have. Harry Vane - The Vane Family at Raby Tue 21st October 2008 The Hon. Harry Vane talks to Rotary Barnard Castle Rotarians were delighted to welcome The Hon. Less than one hundred years after the break from Rome, the early 17th century was a time of religious turmoil. The builders of Raby Castle in the 14th century and one of the most powerful families in the North. had to take his parents to court to protect the castle. Raby Castle is home to several hundred deer, and it was a lot of fun to hike around the massive grounds and find them. Want to read more? The Vane family still own Raby, the present owner being the 12th Lord Barnard. The builders of Raby Castle in the 14th century and one of the most powerful families in the North. Anne Hutchinson became synonymous with a group known as the Antinomian Party. The Vane family still lives in Raby Castle (which means only part of the castle is ever open to the public), and today it is the home of Henry Vane, 12th Baron Barnard. Dogs love to walk at Raby but must be kept on a lead to protect of deer. The tour was not a real historical tour of the castle (and Mike explained this to us that in advance), instead, the focus was on the little details kids would enjoy about medieval Georgian and Victorian history, some sort of live version of the TV show “Horrible Histories” and it could easily be run in almost any of the places we have visited, and it would work! Historic Houses members can visit for free. In 1626 Henry Vane the Elder, MP and official in the Royal Household, bought Raby Castle for the princely sum of £18,000. Darlington Train Station is approx. Henry quickly established himself as a leader …. Unfortunately, not everything survived these troubled times… Henry Vane’s son, also named Henry (surprise) became a radical Protestant and so the best solution was to send him away to the New World (America) where he became the governor of Massachusetts. He was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635 for spreading  “new & dangerous opinions”, including a  belief that church and state governance should be kept separate, and for his disapproval of colonists who confiscated land from Native Americans. VANE (FANE), Sir Henry (1589-1655), of Fairlawn, Kent; Charing Cross, Westminster and Raby Castle, co. Dur. Lady Grace Vane (b. 15 miles away, operating on the East Coast line. Maps and walking routes are available from our admissions team. We offer discounted admission rates for groups of 12 or more and a range of group benefits and special packages for organized groups and schools. They make you feel extremely welcome, and they encourage everyone to feel engaged. It was the 1st Baron who almost destroyed the castle. Henry was a man of strong religious convictions and by his mid-teens he had made the conscious decision that his faith would play a central part in his life; following his conscience and devotion to God. During the English Civil War in the middle of the 17th century, A later Henry Vane supported Parliament but not the execution of Charles Ist, and due to his support, Raby was not destroyed like many other castles. His talk to a full restaurant at the Redwell, took us back some four hundred years, and he introduced to the audience a succession of his family forebears – some who were outstanding citizens, some not so, and the majority being called Henry! He retired from the army in June 1758,[3] having succeeded as 2nd Earl of Darlington on the death of his father. On his return to England his prospects seemed bright and it appeared certain that he would follow his father’s career in the royal household. The Vane family still own Raby, the present owner being the 12th Lord Barnard. Vane married Margaret Lowther, a daughter of Robert Lowther, the Governor of Barbados, on 19 March 1757 in London. Click HERE to read our latest update. Warwick House, 25-27 Buckingham Palace Road During the 14th century, the Neville family built Raby Castle, which appears the same to this day. The Castle was defended in the Civil War but remained relatively unaltered until three stages of rebuilding occurred in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Vane family still lives in Raby Castle (which means only part of the castle is ever open to the public), and today it is the home of Henry Vane, 12th Baron Barnard. Raby Castle was the ancestral home of the Neville family. Here, he believed he would be surrounded by people who had committed to create the kind of world he aspired to; people with similar beliefs and values. It is clear that the people who manage this unique castle care very much about their visitors and about the experience they give them. In 1626, Sir Henry Vane the Elder, Member of Parliament and important member of Charles I’s household, purchased Raby from the Crown. After Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmorland, led the failed Rising of the North in favour of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1569 Raby Castle was taken into royal custody. Barnard Castle Rotarians were delighted to welcome The Hon. Originally moated and accessed via a drawbridge, the Castle was built as a palace fortress. For more information: Raby Castle official website. 18 Feb. 1589,1 1st s. … To sum up: Raby Castle is one of the best castles to visit in England. July & August – open Tuesday to Sunday Henry Vane the Younger had a remarkable life and witnessed events that shaped nations and the world. The Castle was held by the Crown … It was one dispute that Henry was unable to resolve and he was pressured to make a choice between his position and his ideals. Henry Vane the Younger was born in Essex in 1613, the eldest of eleven children. It’s completeness is of national significance as a largely single-phase structure, with one twelfth century survival (Bulmer’s Tower). Sir Henry Vane the Younger, commemorated in a statue of 1893 in Boston Public Library. One final note relates to an intriguing item in the castle collections, dating from this period. Young Henry arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on 6 October 1635, one of an estimated 20,000 English people believed to have emigrated to New England in the 1630s. Rotarians and guests thoroughly enjoyed Harry Vane’s well-researched story of his family ancestry. The Castle was held by the Crown until 1626 when it was purchased by Sir Henry Vane the Elder. During this period, the landscape was altered, and the medieval castle began a new chapter as a stately home. Home to Cecily Nevill, mother of two kings of England, it was also the scene of the plotting of the Rising of the North and a Parliamentary stronghold during the Civil War. Two of Henry’s close acquaintances from his short time in Massachusetts provide an insight into Henry’s beliefs and personality. He was the son of the 1st Earl of Darlington and educated at Christ Church, Oxford, graduating with a MA on 3 July 1749. Raby’s treasures include an important collection of Meissen porcelain, fine furniture and artworks, including paintings by Munnings, De Hooch, Reynolds, Van Dyck and Teniers. Why was he sentenced to death? First, a bit of background about the Vane family at the time. The Nevills, responsible for building the 14th century Castle which still stands today, continued to live at Raby until 1569 when, after the failure of the Rising of the North, the Castle and its lands were forfeited to the Crown. Anne was banished from Massachusetts and along with around 30 other families followed Roger Williams to the Rhode Island Colony. [1], He was the son of the 1st Earl of Darlington and educated at Christ Church, Oxford, graduating with a MA on 3 July 1749.[2]. The Vane or Fane family, a younger branch of the Fane Earls of Westmorland, was settled at Hadlow (Kent) in the 15th century. More than half a century later, Sir Henry Vane the Elder purchased Raby Castle from the crown in 1626. When we left the castle, I was also happy to receive a questionnaire asking me about my visit. The landscaped park within which each structure is set is incredibly significant as it’s historic routes, tree planting, designed views and ancient features all contribute to providing us with an understanding of how the Estate was used in the past. More works were done during Victorian times when the entrance hall was remodelled to allow modern carriages to enter the castle lower hall. First, a bit of background about the Vane family at the time. Then make time to explore the 18th century walled gardens, 200 acre deer park, carriage collection and enjoy the gift shop and tearooms. Henry looked to the Puritan colonies of the New World as a kind of utopia. The 3rd Baron was elevated to an Earldom, and later, in 1833 the 3rd Earl became the Duke of Cleveland. The son had to take his parents to court to protect the castle. Baron Barnard, of Barnard Castle in the Bishopric of Durham, is a title in the Peerage of England. London SW1W 0PP, Switchboard (for general and membership enquiries): Now, the castle is the family seat of the Baron Barnard, which is a peerage for the Vane family who still … But this event means that much of the medieval artwork and the Neville artefacts of Raby Castle are gone. Help us spread the news. He had never lost the spiritual resolve of his earlier teenage years and became increasingly disillusioned with what he viewed as the restrictive ceremonies and practices of the Church of England. London 1632 ©Raby Estate. Nothing from that period survived beside the prestige, but Raby is still a great example of the evolution of castles through history. King Cnut (also known as Canute II the Great) owned the Estate, then known as ‘Rabi’ (derived from ‘Ra’, Danish for a boundary, and ‘Bi’, a settlement or dwelling) in the early 11th Century. Looking at the castle from the outside, it still looks like a fortress, but without much of its exterior defensive structures. So, in 1635, at the age of 22, with his father’s eventual blessing and a three-year release from court from the King, he emigrated to New England. Raby Castle is a medieval castle located near Staindrop in County Durham, England, among 200 acres (810,000 m2) of deer park. The Lawes, Resolutions of Women’s Rights, or The Women’s Lawyer. A tour for kids: To date, we have visited around one hundred castles and stately homes, and it was the first time we encountered this simple but genius way of making a visit to a castle great fun. There are fine collections including paintings, furniture, Meissen porcelain and arms.

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