virtual mindfulness activities for groups

I would choose “Go to Bed Early Challenge” and wake up at 4 or 5 am, it´s the best way to achieve all the goals. Another cool idea is to host a virtual happy hour. Each person comes to the happy hour with several quotes. Have teammates use their movement tracking devices to see how long it takes to virtually walk to each of your teammates locations and back again. Can be some one famous or even a team member. 2. A scavenger hunt where as a team you have to search for and share photos of certain items (a piece of street art, a unique looking car, statue, etc.) The object of the game is to individually call your friends or co-workers via video call and chat for approx 1 minute out who admits to a characteristic on the card. The objective would be to see how far across the world each individual or each team could walk within the designated timeline. And if you don’t want an adult beverage, tea or even ice cream sounds like a pretty good substitute! Example for sales team: “How much revenue do you intend to bring in this month?” Each team member holds their sign/idea up at same time, then the leader can dive in individually. Only those who are spies are prompted on who’s on their team. It would be great to have prizes and maybe even play a few rounds to keep the energy going! Do a team call where you talk about the different personality types and how they fit in with team dynamics. In this version people are broken up into teams with a preset list of items/tools and deliberate until they choose only three to bring with them. At the end of the time limit, team members vote for the most humorous, inventive backstory. Each team is given a google word doc. There is no better way to get a teenager to practice mindfulness than through their favourite music. Once 10 minutes has passed you all get back together and take turns telling the group as much as you remember about your partner, with the other person affirming if they remembered it right. So there is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. (usually works if the adults don’t mind being a little goofy or silly). Bonus points could be awarded for those who present their drink with an image accompaniment. Ask each group member to pretend they have never seen a raspberry before. I know it could sound childish, but being a child at times can release some stress. (This round can be altered if it proves to be too difficult). The announcement of “21” should now include a touchdown dance. Have you ever played resistance? Receive regular mindful exercises, meditations, inspiration, and special offers that support your mindful practice. If you prefer, you can host your own virtual trivia sessions too. Previous to the meeting, send out a list with numbered missing blanks and have them choose the words according to what is asked for and even select the topic to relate it to An example would be : 1-verb 2-noun 3-adjective Have each person read their responses to get everyone having a blast! For example, you could have a marble trigger a phone call from one location to another, and the vibration on the receiving end could start the next flow before passing on to another location. I propose that before entering your zoom call you change your virtual background to hint to your colleagues where you would like to go if you had a time machine. Plot twist! Follow the body scan audio below by the famous Jon Kabat-Zinn, the father of modern mindfulness, or for a full body scan script see what we have written here. Zoom has become the new hotspot for virtual meetings. You can get your team on a virtual conference call, and have each person put a marshmallow in their mouth and then say the words “chubby bunny.” Each person adds an additional marshmallow until only one person can complete the challenge. Mindful exercises can be done anywhere. Each member will write down their favorite restaurant (within the area) 2. Some organizations use book clubs to teach skills like sales development, marketing, or organizational structure. Fun, fast, and easy! Having so many holidays to choose from ensures that no two meetings will ever be quite the same and it will encourage others to step up their game every time and try to out-celebrate the others! Guided meditation helps remote employees cope with day to day stress and lays a good groundwork for teams performing calmly during a crisis. Really everyone wins, because everyone that participates gets a little healthier. 2 teams are made. If I showed you how you could increase your memory by 3x in under 30 mins, would that interest you? the same person who tells the first joke is the same person who starts the second round of jokes). Each person has to find something in their home to show the group and talk about, but, with a twist. Additionally, if you want to make the game more applicable to work, you could have each item added to the list be something work related such as a product you are selling. A few times during the month, check in on progress. When working from home, one of the last things you want to think about is meal prep. Not only would this allow for closer relationships between employees, but it would also be a nice creative release. Here is a 10 minute guided meditation on YouTube. Everyone can go around and share their ideas. Ask them to notice their breathing, heartbeat and how their foot feels as it makes each stride. You have 60 seconds to slip your word or phrase in on one topic: if you don’t succeed, then you lose your chance to use that word or phrase. Team-building exercise ideas 1. It’s a silly way to start a meeting and helps everyone get to know each other a little better. Then, have your team vote on which recipe sounds the tastiest. Predictive text one-word play. 2) Virtual Yearbook This idea is based off of signing yearbooks. Then after all guesses have been made from all teammates, then we find out who had the most correct guesses and give them a reward. Dan will do the same and email them to Tiffany, etc etc. Encourage the group members to focus fully on the music. Not only does it improve our emotional well being and reduce stress and anxiety, but it can improve our overall health too. Here’s a game that might be an interesting mix-up for a virtual happy hour. For older children try these cool mindful games below: You are going to need to buy yourself a Jenga set first. Company commercials. A great exercise for virtual teams is to create a story together. Another way this can be done is by allowing one team member to show off their home at the beginning of each week’s work meeting. Team lip sync battles- list of songs will be provided as well as various props and costumes. 6. For example, most people have a favorite mug or a specific food they eat over and over again.

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