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This is similar watch- you can view a presentation or a movie. Sample sentence: " The kids in class stared at the teacher, completely confused.". Sample sentence: "This little kid is peering out from behind the couch to look at the camera.". What do you say? When we "examine" something, we inspect it closely. This div height required for enabling the sticky sidebar. There are many different ways to say ‘said‘ in a dialogue and academic writings. I have been taking the classes for almost two months, twice a week and I am really happy about my improvement. acknowledged, assented, conceded, concurred, consented, seconded. To a native English speaker, these words are pretty different, but I know that this is tough for an English learner. After that, we’ll also look at five ways to respond when someone thanks you. bantered, jested, jived, joshed, kidded, laughed To emphasize (stress) your thanks, you could say: With close friends and family, you could use this even more casual version: When someone does you a favor (helps you with something), they’re often not only willing to help but sometimes they may even offer to help without you asking. Merci. hsjs=document.createElement("script"),el=document.getElementById("hs-cta-0e2e3f77-c5a8-4ad8-862e-0b73934d4be5"); Please check your email for further instructions. accused, alleged, attacked, charged, claimed, rebuked, reproved, chatted ", Sample sentence: "We gazed at the good-looking movie star all afternoon.". Broken relationships. Simply replacing the word “ said ” with one of the following synonyms could give your writing the “extra kick” you’re looking for. Learn more here, Sample sentence: "Did you see that car accident on route 12 last night?". Common descriptors to use with "said" include: She said with a smile. brooded, recalled, recollected, reflected, reminisced, retold We might watch a movie, watch a performance, or watch an argument. All Rights Reserved. Sample sentence: "When the boy got a cut his mom examined it and then cleaned it for him.". All Rights Reserved. cajoled, coaxed, convinced, exhorted, insisted, urged, wheedled, wooed, predicted To tell them how much you value their support, you could say: When someone has your back it means that person is there watching out for your well-being and supporting you. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. 120 24 cackled, chortled, chuckled, giggled, howled, roared, snickered, sniggere, nagged This is the phrase you would use to thank someone you feel indebted to (feel you owe something) and hope to repay someday when you get the chance: To thank those who have shared their knowledge, wisdom and experience with you, you could say: To thank someone for visiting your house, office, etc. announced, asserted, broadcasted, confirmed, informed, proclaimed, professed, exaggerated Right, so let’s now look at 25 different ways to say thank you in English. celebrated, cheered, exulted, hooted, jubilated, reveled, remembered Below is a shorter, more casual form of thank you that you could use with friends, family and peers. xÚbbbf`b``Ń3Î%F@€ <6ì boiled, bristled, foamed, fumed, ranted, raved, spit, stormed, rejoiced Plus, it was kind of fun to come up with them. You can also view something by looking at it closely and examining it. Sample sentence: "Did the police inspect your house for safety?". Maybe it’s inconvenient to meet, or maybe they’re far away. 2 thoughts on “ 100+ Ways to Say “Sad”: A Word List for Writers ” Robert Rainwater on Mar 27/20 at 4:40 pm said: What makes me sad? Instead of letting different ways to say ‘said’ do heavy lifting, remember this sage advice from Toni Morrison: ‘I never say “She says softly.” If it’s not already soft, you know, I have to leave a lot of space around it so a reader can hear it’s soft. (submitted by Tatum P.) chorused (verb) simultaneous utterance in … It would be more interesting for the reader if you used some of these synonyms instead of using the word said every time you use and idea or quote from another author. 0000003044 00000 n I want you to count how many ways you can say thank you in different languages. 6. agreed Thanking someone casually. Here are some examples of how you could use those words: Now that you’ve learned many ways to thank someone, what do you say when someone thanks you for something you’ve done for them? Your friend or co-worker hands you a cup of coffee or a sandwich. Social distancing. The best way to introduce 100 Synonyms for Said is to have student highlight ten words they feel comfortable using – then use them! A simple thank you is the most basic form of politeness, recognized all over the world. Sample sentence: "I scanned the room to see if Mary was there.". FluentU brings English to life with real-world videos. When we "glare" at someone, we are usually showing them that we are angry. When writing your essay, academic papers, you are overusing the word ‘said’ and looking for ‘other ways to say said‘? 0000009597 00000 n “I don’t want to go!” she whimpered. can take anywhere. BORING! "Looking" is active. (12) I really want to thank you for your help. aped, echoed, impersonated, mimicked, mocked, parodied, parroted, interrupted She said with a laugh. We might eye the cookies on the table even though we don't need the extra sugar. 0000002801 00000 n Learning English becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. We usually look quickly and for a shorter period of time. Other Ways to Say “Said” for Academic Writing, Best Sites to Download Free eBooks for Kids, 10 Must Read Classic Books in English – Easy to Advanced , Simple Past Tense Exercises (Short Story PDF’s) , Present Simple Tense Examples, Exercises ✅, 5 Audio Books to Improve Your English (+PDF) . Right, so let’s now look at 25 different ways to say thank you in English. Thank you for reading this post and learning with me today! Only a verb can replace "said." When dealing with official matters, such as after a job interview or a conversation with a company or business, it’s best to say thanks in writing, either in an email or letter. Danke…. ’ 3. Sample sentence: " I was able to spot my friend in a huge crowd of more than 100 people.". Sample sentence: "Before you buy a house, make sure you view it a few times.". When you receive a gift or invitation from someone, it’s always a nice personal gesture to send them a thank-you card with a hand-written message. agreed. Watch this cute cartoon to hear a couple of different ways to say “thank you” (both of which we’ll cover below). endstream endobj 142 0 obj <>/Size 120/Type/XRef>>stream We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. Cruelty. chanted, chirped, crooned, hummed, serenaded, trilled, twittered, warbled, yodeled, scolded admonished, advised, alerted, cautioned, exhorted, forewarned, whispered 0000006407 00000 n A child might glare at his mother when she has punished him. badgered, browbeat, bullied, coerced, harassed, hounded, taunted, threatened, joked To thank someone for responding to you, you could say: You can also use formal words like appreciate and grateful to show your thanks. Los Medanos College Center for Academic Support 100 WAYS TO SAY "SAID" 1. acknowledged . He said with a sigh. Whenever you come across other ways of saying thank you, be sure to take note and practice using them. Unfriendly and hateful people. Of course, you can replace any of these with more vivid, specific phrases — she said with a grin, he said as he trotted away, etc.

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