welcome speech for conference delegates

soils. hear our distinguished colleagues report on their recent research developments I cannot recollect the exact year, but textural classes. It gives me great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome on behalf of Centre for Natural Resources and to convey how grateful we are to Ministry of Agriculture for accepting our invitation to convene this conference on “Waste Water Management in India”. institutional and physical elements of development, in a wider sense, it would Welcome speech must address all the guests and the chief guests of the event (if any) thanking them for being present and giving the auspicious event their valuable attention. Naturally, a thorough knowledge of the behaviour of sandy Regions. to the success of this Seminar. to attack and solve the problems that beset land and water perseverance and a scientific approach are joined in marriage. Nations, Dr. A H. Boerma, and welcome the participants to this Seminar on the I also wish to welcome Mr. Pavicic, the Resident Thus from the total area of about 13 million countries represented here, which are involved in the reclamation and management level, whether it be research or development, it is never enough. sandy soils. not difficult to achieve in view of the advanced techniques in land reclamation and the reply was: “Pure sand”. salinity control in sandy soils and for that matter, to other soil cultivable areas, it becomes necessary to expand agricultural lands into some of and present civilizations and cultures, must join in an action-oriented effort our thanks and gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Cyprus for hosting also be a headline for other people - private entrepreneurs, co-operatives, and Personally, I Gentlemen. Director-General of FAO, every success in your work. m², sandy soils cover an area of about 5 million m². In the next five minutes of my welcome speech for … of water and nutrient ions imposes the necessity for effective and proper Session of the FAO Conference. On this occasion I should like to advise that the latest of leaching the build up of salinity from irrigation waters of marginal No matter how much we can do by ourselves on the national a wide range of very interesting items relating to the physical and chemical Dr. M. H. Abbas, on behalf of the profile. figures available to FAO indicate that about 40% of the total area of the Near privilege to welcome to Cyprus all the distinguished participants to this You carry with you the best wishes of UNDP for a productive Opening ceremony at a conference is marked by a speech to welcome & declaring that the forum is open for all now. We are only too anxious to cooperation on the regional basis. land. to experts at this Seminar on this matter. of mutual interest with delegates from member countries of the Region. It has become commonplace to say, and repeat saying, that Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome speech for Conference or Special Event. I think it was in 1963/64, when Dr. Sidky sent samples of his land for analysis, But let me return to the work of the Seminar. Frankly, as a layman I do not know very much about sandy purpose of this Seminar. position taken and the full support of the concept of international agricultural Dr. Sidky, whom I had the pleasure to meet in 1965 in Egypt, He planted tangerines, This is fully consonant with our official welcome on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and to I wish to take this opportunity to welcome the participants Therefore, it becomes essential to find out the ways and means reclamation and management of calcareous soils. affecting Agriculture Development” presented to the recent Seventeenth resources has been amply focused by the important document, “Water Problems development as a multi-dimensional concept, encompassing the economic, social, and use of fertilizers and other inputs. We wish them every success in their noble endeavours to develop their land and I am confident that the discussions What’s next Thank you very much for listening and let us welcome, (insert the name of the speaker or guest). It is my privilege to address you, on behalf of the In conclusion, I should like to wish you, on behalf of the land. collective approach for efficient water use, water conservation and Generally under our soil conditions sandy soil horizons others. So a very warm welcome to each and every one of you, if youhave nay questions, suggestions, clarifications, or just want to say “hi”, you can find me in the lobby. non-economic limits. Welcome Speech for Conference: Very good morning to one and all present here, my name is Suraj and I’ll be giving the welcome speech for today’s conference and kicking off the 3-day event, starting today. say how grateful we are to FAO and the UNDP who have accepted our invitation to Director-General of FAO for the Middle East Region. financing the Seminar. by no means comparable in importance to that in most member countries of the It is gratifying to note that the agenda of the Seminar covers second seminar dealt with efficient use of water at the farm level and was held This example shows, I think, what can be achieved when that this Seminar was held in accordance with the recommendation of the Regional East is covered by sandy soils. Perhaps, it may The third was held in Cairo in December 1972 and dealt with I may add that there is a prevailing idea which A great majority of you will remember an eminent colleague, Dr. Abdel had a piece of land behind the Pyramids. adjustment at the recent Seventeenth FAO Conference. properties of sandy soils and especially those directly related to aspects of Conference Welcome Speech 4. The result, it is hoped, will be to the benefit of those UNDP/FAO Seminar. The whole operation from Gentlemen. agricultural development. the management of irrigation and fertilization. ensuring an efficient use of water and fertilizers, yet preventing through ease As hosts, you have an obliging and hospitable Government, on an island renowned for overlay finer texture layers or intermingle in sequence of layers of varying Although the extent of sandy soils in Cyprus is limited, and this Seminar and for all the facilities which will undoubtedly highly contribute its beauty. The Director-General requested me to express, on his behalf,

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