what disqualifies you from being a real estate agent?

If you cross that line, you become annoying or ruthless. You’re responsible for the biggest transaction of someone’s life, so there is a lot of pressure not to screw up. You’ll improve your chances by getting a university degree in estate or property management. Updated January 2019: By searching, you agree to the Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. The following convictions will disqualify you from obtaining a license: Change careers or earn extra income on the side. Most good agents will tell you to be wary of an agent who talks too much. Soliciting a lewd act from a minor or non consenting adult. If you are not content with the outcomes which are achievable in this career over a long term, then you can hit your limit pretty quickly when buying and selling properties. You’re busy and not worried about where the next lead is coming from. You’re an educator, a counselor, a babysitter, a financial advisor and a life coach. You must disclose any past or pending criminal activity to the DRE as part of your license application. Disclosing this information does not necessarily disqualify you for licensure. Becoming a real estate agent is just the first step in a long career of working with buyers, sellers, investors, appraisers, loan officers, mortgage brokers, inspectors, title companies, and others. 3. You can't teach desire or being driven. Free Advertising! Whether you decide to get involved to start flipping houses or you want to help families find their dream homes, you will be doing a lot of good things in this world. However, at the same time many have steps in place to grant exceptions. All rights reserved. - Nathan Headrick, BluWater. There are lots of excellent opportunities within the real estate industry, and even a few outside of it, that can help you unlock a lot of success. Make sure it is someone you trust, feel good about and has good energy. Personally, I know a couple of people with felony convictions who retained their real estate license after being adjudicated and found guilty of felony offenses, so it is possible. No matter what state you want to start your new real estate career in, one of the most important traits looked for in a potential real estate licensee will be good character. 1. Let us tell you what you already know: the Internet has transformed the entire real estate industry. i have a friend that wants to get her real estate license, but she has a felony. There is a special process you will have to go through before starting real estate school. Real estate is not one of those businesses where you can generate a lot of repeat customers. Forbes Real Estate Council is an invitation-only community for executives in the real estate industry. Many real estate schools offer classes online, which means you can complete your real estate training from anywhere. The job requires someone who can adapt quickly to a changing market. © RealEstateU® 2013-2020 : AMP Website Developed by Unumbox Ltd. You should disclose any past criminal convictions or pending criminal charges on your License Application. Regardless of how your state requests the information, you must completely and honestly disclose any conviction, felony or misdemeanor, to ever be considered for a real estate license. You can recite neighborhood comps in your sleep. Copyright © 2005 - 2020. The first step is integrity. 5. KC began her real estate career in Hawaii in 1992 and currently lives on the Eastside with her husband and two children. TREC: Info About Brokerage Services, Consumer Protection Notice. But you can’t panic, too. You will be asked to disclose any actions that may have been deemed unprofessional or illegal, with or without a felony conviction. On the flip side, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone find their dream home, especially in a competitive housing market. Your earnings are going to be based on commission, which means if you are not selling a property, you are not getting a paycheck. No matter what state you want to start your new real estate career in, one of the most important traits looked for in a potential real estate licensee will be good character. Access to data and automation can provide more clarity toward the real estate market as a whole while selling, buying or renting a home. You can choose your own schedule. On the flip side, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone find their dream home, especially in a competitive housing market. Every purchase is also a significant financial decision for the average client. If you have robust business skills and are willing to put some time into your career, then you can get plenty of dividends back in time from your initial investment. That being said, you may still obtain a real estate license if you have a prior conviction. The only way to know if the Florida Real Estate Commission will approve you for a license is … Ask yourself if is this someone who has demonstrated that they conduct themselves in a professional manner and that they put client needs first. Some classes are online, but your school must be approved by your state’s real estate licensing authority for your work to be valid. You will grow especially close with your agent during the transaction. This issue can be an advantage for some real estate agents because the hard work of this industry will cause many people to wash out right away. When a broker who loves the business talks with a potential agent candidate, you can feel the excitement building.

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