what is the standard commission for an art dealer

If they are not, then simply pull your work. I read all the info, I agree with the different points of view (from the artist's side and form the gallery's side). People aren’t just paying for the actual art piece, they’re paying for the exclusivity. 5 Comments This portion is called the gallery's "commission". Yes, they do offer portfolio review sessions that cost (x) amount and they have an opening on (x) day and time. In addition to the old-fashioned ways of meeting new prospects (at art fairs, say, or by hosting elaborate dinners and events), some use the services of paid go-betweens. The art market in Montana, for example, is much different than New York. An art dealer may run an art gallery - but you don't have to have an art gallery to be an art dealer. If you can, avoid this type of gallery – and here’s why: you want to show in a gallery that only makes money when your art sells. This includes printing, shipping and framing. Is this an American painting from the 1930s? The hottest categories in the current market are works of 20th century and contemporary art (usually considered to be art made in the past 15 years). The particulars are between the dealer and each individual artist.. These galleries are found clustered together in large urban centers. The Roman Coliseum for example, was commissioned by Emperor Vespasian. That’s all the promotion to bring in potential art buyers, their contacts of past buyers that will be interested in your work, events that are specific to the art-buying community and much more. Each session is a 4-day period with different reviewers, workshops,etc. The owner or operator of an art gallery is a gallerist. A photographer that has one size of print, may have a total edition size of 25, for example. If there is an arts district in your town, try to establish your gallery there. The largest size (50 x 50) is specifically for art collectors and for lease agreements. Let’s say they are also a coffee shop, or a furniture shop or a restaurant. A reputable art dealer can help you sell the painting or sculpture you own. Founded in 1962, the ADAA has 180 member galleries in 25 cities that cover every major collecting field from Old Masters to contemporary art, and every medium from sculpture to painting to drawing, prints, photography, video and film. You’re going to have to convince who knows how many people to try and buy one of your pieces, all without conveying that if they don’t buy anything there’s a good chance you will be homeless by the end of the month. Based on my 30 years as an artist, an art dealer is a gallery owner. You want someone to meet you at the door and ask how your day is going, if you’ve ever been in before and if there’s anything specific you’re interested in. Me: “Well first I set up a tripod, and then I have to click the first photo, and then (yada, yada, yada).”. The excitement they feel right now is the exact excitement they want someone else to feel when they tell the story later. Most art professionals are able to identify them on an artist's resume. Once you have the right dealer on the phone, he/she will ask questions to help determine whether a face-to-face meeting makes sense. I’ll admit, there is a lot to learn if you’re hoping to start selling art in galleries. Most galleries these days are having a hard enough time keeping their doors open. You said if they only take 40 percent then you can put the rest towards a nice frame. I get it, and thankfully while I definitely struggle in some areas, selling my own art at an opening is most definitely not one of my weaknesses. See how that works? You should see his next collection, Memory Fields, that’s set to go up next month on the 21st. To qualify for membership, a gallery must have been in business for at least five years and, as the organization’s materials state: “have a reputation for honesty and integrity, have expert knowledge in a selected field and make a substantial contribution to the cultural life of the community.”, However, the ADAA is not the only game in town – there are many other professional groups that galleries may belong to. And frames are expensive-- I take issue to buying a frame and only getting 50 percent of that cost back. Some prospective sellers like to make this first piece of the search more personal – they will walk up and down the aisles of an art fair, identify what dealers would be most likely to be interested in their artwork, engage them in conversation and show them a photo of the piece they want to sell. Let’s also revisit the idea of combo galleries: places where they run a completely separate business while also displaying art for sale. To get started, do an online search for corporate art buyers in your area. Good locations include downtown streets, boardwalks, and town centers. Commissions often resemble endorsement or sponsorship. :). Since only 20% of their income goes to promoting the art in their store, they should receive only 20% commission. In this way, the gallery or dealer is not only the middleman but obliquely takes the role of "patron" in that it provides representation, housing of artworks, marketing and income for the artist. Some dealers absorb the 10% “courtesy” discount, which has become fairly standard. Are you the artist?” And, if the work needs restoration or reframing, be sure to establish in the agreement who will be paying for that. [1][2][3], Art dealers' professional associations serve to set high standards for accreditation or membership and to support art exhibitions and shows.[4]. Learn your client’s preferences before you show them anything, and be prepared to explain why a work of art is high-quality. This keeps you from having to pay a fortune for 2 different shows in 2 different sizes. Let’s play the hypothetical game for a second. I’ve displayed in several galleries throughout my career, but the most I learned about this subject was at The somewhat disreputable character of Jacopo Strada is often said to be reflected in his portrait by Titian (1567). You want to go into great detail with your answers because the more they know about it, the more they want to buy it. While some people may advise against this, since art sells for virtually anything nowadays, I still think it’s just plain smart to know what your competition is doing. If you know anyone that might benefit from this post, feel free to share below! A good broker should be an art expert, well-connected in their arts community, and a good salesperson. Your artist resume is basically exactly the same as any other resume. Galleries welcome cold calls. Then you can get started networking and building your business in the exciting world of art! So suck it up, and do the following: If you’re hoping to schedule an appointment with a gallery owner, go in person. You should also indicate whether you are willing to have it shown in an art fair or exhibited at the gallery. You don’t have to edition your pieces, but…let’s just say I’ve never met anyone who suggested against it. A good dealer is one whom you can trust absolutely. If prices and profits are too large, then investments may be devalued should an overstock or economic downturn occur. Is it clean and clear of other items, or does it appear cluttered and messy? Or one which frames the piece themselves, or even shares the cost of the frame to begin with? To learn more about what’s involved in finding that reputable art gallery and getting the best price for what you want to sell, we spoke to Alexandra Schwartz, director of Pace Prints New York. The market for art is heated up at the moment, with Leonardo Da Vinci's long lost 'Salvator Mundi', selling for a record breaking $450 million in November 2017. Typically, it’s up to the artist to pay for the costs of the show. Me: “I am! Consignment is the more usual (and favored) approach although sometimes the dealer will buy the work outright. An average of six months or less is a reasonable standard. I’ve displayed in several galleries throughout my career, but the most I learned about this subject was at Fotofest. Everyone has specific sizes according to their art, so this is going to be very general, but there is basically one rule that every, single, gallery owner told me to follow: have no more than 3 available sizes. Let’s say you have square format photos, that come in 5 sizes (in inches) 10 x 10, 20 x 20, 30 x 30, 40 x 40 and 50 x 50. After acquiring her Master’s in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, she made a drastic career change into the field of photography where she has been producing surreal images for the past 2 years. I also take the gallery’s opinion into account on my pricing. This portion is called the gallery's "commission". you are in business to sell art (e.g. It took about 100 hours of straight editing time to achieve that effect.” Many art galleries have shut up shop on the high street to cut their fixed costs and now trade as dealers from non-gallery addresses. Most brokers display an artist’s work in exchange for a commission when it sells, so an ongoing partnership with a prolific artist can be very profitable. Choose a location that allows for lots of foot traffic--many buyers aren't necessarily collectors, but local people who simply saw something they liked. 6/10/2009 12:40:23 PM Often art dealers are able to distinguish authentic works from forgeries (although even dealers are sometimes fooled).[4]. They should be happy to talk to you. Do you really want to be showing in a space where someone just sits in the back and bullshits with their buddies? Approaching a gallery seems intimidating, but in reality… actually never mind, in reality it’s just as intimidating as it is in your head. They figure out how much they should pay for a piece and then estimate the resale price. Limiting your sizes isn’t going to cause a gallery to shy away. How to find the right gallery and what to ask for in a consignment agreement. I know working with galleries seems like a very intimidating and complicated process, but the important thing is to take the first step and understand that they are people too.

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