who is stronger than franklin richards

RELATED: Fantastic Four Has Fundamentally Redefined Franklin Richards' Powers. A while later, after unconsciously releasing psionic energies that would defeat Ultron-7, Franklin would awaken, apparently having his abilities reverted back to an age-appropriate level. He first appeared in X-Man #1, which released in 1995 as part of the reality-altering Age of Apocalypse event. It’s not surprising in the least that the son of Reed and Sue has such voracious fans, as Galactus once said himself, Franklin is “the most powerful mutant ever born.” Pretty high praise coming from the eater of worlds. Daredevil: Whatever Happened to Matt Murdock’s Sidekick, Blindspot? Sometime after Franklin had put dampeners on his own abilities, however, the young boy began to develop an ability that allowed him to view futures from alternate dimensions. Anyone familiar with the Fantastic Four will notice the Franklin got his middle name from one of Sue and Richard’s greatest friends and allies, Benjamin Grimm, otherwise known as The Thing. I follow my interests and let my passions guide my voice. Who is more powerful than Franklin Richards? NEXT: 10 Marvel Heroes Who Can't Really Stand The X-Men. Not only was Franklin an incredibly early bloomer in terms of manifesting his abilities, but even as a toddler he was using his abilities to help his family defeat supervillains. By combining the powers of his past and future self, Franklin was not only able to gain control over Galactus, but he was able to empower him enough to defeat not one, but two Celestials. RELATED:  Top 10 Animated X-Men Stories Of All Time. What's most interesting about Nate Grey and Franklin Richards is the similarities that exist between them, such as their status as second-generation mutants and even their psionic abilities. Due to this unavoidable happenstance, Franklin was born a mutant, gaining powers of his own. Comic fans are happy to dive into any such challenge, armed with stats from trading cards and past comic events, but while some debates do result in a clear cut winner, other seem destined to rage for eternity. However, after Annihilus abducted Franklin and placed him in a machine that would unleash his full psionic capabilities, Franklin grew remarkably out of control. RELATED:  Marvel: 10 Things Fans Forget About X-Men Hero Jubilee. franklin richards-son of invisible woman and mr fantastic. Which Mutant Is Stronger: Nate Grey or Franklin Richards? Franklin Benjamin Richards, one of the fourteen confirmed Omega-level mutants in existence after Jonathan Hickman’s powerhouse reintroduction to the iconic team, is perhaps the most devastatingly powerful member of not only the mutant race, but also among any being in the Marvel multiverse. Oh, how the tables have turned. You need to be logged in to post comments.. Fans later saw a future version of Franklin make Galactus his herald in order to stop Mad Celestials, who are pretty much the title belt holders when it comes to powerful entities. How Did Franklin Richards Stop Being Psi-Lord? Created by soratoumiga, 2 y 1 mo 23 d ago. Out of options, Reed decided to visit the negative zone and steal the only thing that could possibly help (the cosmic control rod) from one of its most fearful inhabitants, Annihilus. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Who is more powerful than Franklin Richards? While the heroes of mutant-kind are often associated with Professor Xavier’s famous X-Men, there is another team in the Marvel landscape that has birthed, potentially, one of the greatest heroes and most powerful mutants to have ever been born. The suit served a purpose similar to his father's inhibitors, continually draining his powers during battle so he was able to control his abilities, which generally exhibited in the form of energy blasts. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. After the Frightful Four had nearly defeated the Fantastic Four, young Franklin uses his abilities to wake the unconscious Thing and ends up saving the day. Marvel Artist Shares Age of X-Man Character Designs, EXCLUSIVE: An Avengers Villain Plays Superhero in Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black, Before the Boys: Marvel's X-Statix Showed the Dark Side of Celebrity Superheroes, Death Metal: DC's Dark Multiverse Debuts Two New Dark Knights, Loki Just Told Thor That He's Marvel's God of [SPOILER], X-Men: The Shi’ar Tried to Wipe Out Jean Grey’s ENTIRE Family… and Almost Succeeded. After a few close calls, Reed developed a way to technologically inhibit Franklin's vast psionic potential in order to allow him to have a normal life. Which Mutant Is Stronger: Nate Grey or Franklin Richards? The X-Men's Nate Grey and the Fantastic Four's Franklin Richards are both pretty strong, but which one can claim the title of Most Powerful? Which Mutant Is Stronger: Nate Grey or Franklin Richards? Throughout comics history, there is a longstanding standing tradition of alliterative names. Though he may still be young, he is, in fact, mighty. Something that not even the ultimate nullifier was capable of. Stories are what interest me and writing has always been how I express that. Even more intriguing is the future versions we've seen of the characters, both of whom who have managed to avoid their inevitable overpowered … Speaking of the eater of worlds, Galactus. When it comes to superheroes, however, the "who is stronger" debate takes on new dimensions, and the outcomes are determined by much more than mere physical strength. At this point, comics fans may be asking themselves: “Just what are Franklin’s powers?” Well, when answering that question it’d likely be simpler to list the powers that Franklin doesn’t have. It's hard to pin down, but when he can make and destroy alternate universes at will? This seemingly leaves the two mutants equally matched, but there are a few key differences in power levels between the two. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Following the sacrifice of many of Marvel's non-mutant heroes to stop Onslaught, Franklin tapped into a new side of his abilities, altering reality itself to create a pocket dimension, where the heroes were reborn on a new Earth.

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