why am i constantly looking for love

So you're saying that when HSP's do things for people, they should be appreciated because you're always doing for people and it's not fair that non HSP's take you for granted? That doesn't change the necessary dynamics of conflict and conflict resolution. You're totally vulnerable to another person and they do have the power to hurt you beyond your control. Of course, it may be that your only intention was to clarify and compare your two particular usages. You need to remove yourself from stressful situations, give yourself space and quiet time and find a regular outlet for your creativity and your feelings. They are often plagued with feeling attacked. His cheeks sag underneath long-lashed and naturally lined eyes. The attachments to the ideas of love hurts people most which stems from you and then comes the pain. "There's something called cognitive dissonance -- meaning your head believes one thing and your heart believes something else. You can be part of a community without feeling overwhelmed. It will keep you focused on your own needs, rather than someone else’s, which will help to prevent you from being lured into people’s problems and stop them from seeing you as a life preserver. A therapist or counsellor can really help you both to express yourself and get everything out in the open, so I would recommend that you talk to someone. HSP, by definition, do not fit into that category. Thank you so much for this post. Love starts from within, as I have learned. Seeking love and attention every time is sign of insecurity which you are gradually developing inside you . That's real vulnerability. It sometimes feels unfair and may often feel unappreciative. HSPs can easily become locked in their own imagination and too fearful of the overstimulating outside world to engage with others. If you focus on finding someone, but believe it will probably be another negative experience, it probably will be. I imagine that he finds my indecision with the menu charming. We feel an almost subconscious drive, and in our search most of us encounter a lot of false alarms, dead ends, and failures before finding the person who makes all our struggles worth the effort. So much for being a HSP!! It will boost your self-esteem because it makes you realise how important it is to take care of yourself, and how important you are. Happiness and fulfillment already exist in your life; it’s just up to you to see it. What are your personal reasons for continuing along the path towards relationship fulfillment?” And the answers they received were surprisingly honest…, “My life would not be as happy without love, and I know I need some kind of romantic love and intimacy to feel content, but other than that, I suppose I search because someday, I hope to really find that puzzle piece that will complete my life that I’ve yet to grasp.”, “Taking a drive to admire fall colors, or Christmas lights, or whatever it is without someone is just really not worth the bother. 4 Brain Differences of Highly Sensitive People, What Highly Sensitive People Need to Be Happy, 4 Ways to Begin to Recover from Childhood Emotional Neglect, On Being, or Loving, a Highly Sensitive Person.

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