wok meaning tok

To what extent can we control them?

Any “living” language will have changes in meaning and interpretation according to the historical time in which it occurs. Rather, all signs arise from a showing in whose realm and for whose purposes they can be signs.”  This showing (aletheia) is not simply something that we do, but a self-showing of that which shows (a revealing of what we are as human beings), a manifesting in which language itself speaks. Key points for essays and presentations for the Way of Knowing (WoK) Intuition. In this view, “speed reading” will come to flourish since we cannot learn from texts anything other than “information” and this learning must be done as “efficiently” as possible. (Haidt and Joseph), "Intuition is an immediate form of knowledge in which the knower is directly acquainted with the object of knowledge." 10/10 -Harold L (Hong Kong), "Thanks a ton! To understand language is to contrast instruction with teaching; and to do so is to recognize that the teaching in TOK is to be characterized as “useless” and it must be “useless” in order to allow true learning and teaching to happen. Speech is: (4) a representing and portraying (picturing, the making of pictures) of the real and unreal. We think that the same fact can be expressed in many different languages. ... Ways of Knowing (WoK) Students must explore a range of WOKs. Intuition Notes - Theory of Knowledge. It is an action. This must be thought about in relation to what we understand as “artificial intelligence” of AI: how does or will our understanding of what reason and language are determine the nature of what is called “artificial intelligence” and of the machines that will use it? This reduction and ordering also leads us to view all activities we engage in to be leveled to one level: the student who is asked to create a work of art either in words or other media, sees their activity as nothing more than their being in a shopping mall or at a supermarket. :)" -Virginia @ Tashkent International School (Uzbekistan), "I want to thank you for the resources that have been provided. Let us now examine some of the historical background for this development of language. With the construction of artificial intelligence, calculating, thinking and translating machines, speed reading applications, the computer is made possible insofar as its activities take place in the element of language. I also have the ability to check these hunches and find out what they are about. I would recommend the current IB students to read the resources in your web, in order to obtain more insights.

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