wows friedrich der große build

With that, the 406's fire every 24 seconds or so, maximizing the shells you put out at enemies. Maximise the guns, and reduce the damage you take so you can dish out more damage. I experimented with that stuff during the space battle event, to see how well such would work and it certainly felt different from FdG. The secondaries seem to be exactly the same as the ones on the Bismarck, so no upgrade there, full secondary build does not seem very good in t10 battles. I don't know. Full secondaries feels like a Bismarck that is constantly seeing t10 matches, very unpleasant. Loads of fun that still works effectively in the current meta. I was just wondering if anyone could help out in telling me how to use the FDG properly. Posted by. Would you take aft? Throughout the entire battle my secondaries were blazing. 1. Recommended Posts. If you are left by yourself against DDs in the end game, and that happens fairly often, that ability to switch to HE quickly can be a winning move. Good luck. Con. Proper handling of the built ship during the stages of the game. , Noob question... but what does "fxp" mean? I have no clue how this ship is supposed to be played. It certainly is not a repeat of the Bismarck. Even at extremely close ranges they would miss, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WorldOfWarships community. I don't know what MBM3 or GFCS1 is, but I'm using the module that increases RoF and decreases turret traverse speed. The GK is a lot of fun, best no sh given push BB. I felt the was a bug with the gun convergence, my shells would always go below the aim point. What have we done to deserve this, Wargaming? The whole KMBB line is suffering currently and is pretty unpleasant to play. I cannot yet tell whether secondary spec works out that well, ship still feels a bit iffy, but at least one can watch the secondary rainbow at 11.5 km. i love that ship. Considering going back to Damage control mod. Next, go for IFHE. Yet, I prefer playing a Bismarck in T10 matches over this thing. Zur Zeit läuft es gut mit dem Tarnungs-Build. In your ship build, prioritize extending the range of your secondaries (including using the secondaries range flag each time you play!) After the tank build became increasingly frustrating, holding up ok in damage tanked, but being quite boring, I tried to actually go for this and specced the FdG captain like my Bismarck captain. Neither do I. Had a N.Carolina 1/3 my hp at 16km, Sure you got turtleback but it doesnt stop ships like North Carolina hit hard on you if you show your side, I just had an incredibly lucky game yesterday, actually. And of course, any other info you can give on the big steamy boi. 1. I made a specific Bismarck captain to run secondaries (since I'm keeping the ship), and I have a stealth Tirpitz captain which I'm waiting to transfer to my Friederich once I unlock it. That being said though, I have AFT (of course) and the module that decreases secondary dispersion. Mal schauen, Vlt. ElDefunes Midshipman; Alpha Tester; 1,211 posts ; 1,722 battles; Report post #2; Posted April 24, 2016. He TRIED. ... Einer sitzt auf der Tirpitz, einer auf der Bismarck (Secondary-Build) und einer auf dem Friedrich (Tarnungs-Build). Fire is a great danger to your sailors. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Although the 420s do hit hard, generally you dont wanna be to far; be careful for the first 5 min of the match and then move in through caps with hydro, the 10 km secondaries make enemy ships scatter and run.. Ship feels a bit like Gneisenau now, having to look in the beginning for how to use your few guns to best effect, until the lines thin out a bit and one can go in for a push. AND SET ME ON FIRE! You should start with HE but switch to AP after the first five or so minutes of play as by then heavy cruisers and BBs can pop up. After the tank build became increasingly frustrating, holding up ok in damage tanked, but being quite boring, I tried to actually go for this and specced the FdG captain like my Bismarck captain. It's great. I just played her like a Bismarck and she worked out just fine tbh. So yeah guys, maybe someone can shed some light on: PS: Some battleships are just soooooooo harder-hitting! It's much larger, almost offensively so, but it has so many issues, in my opinion. Edited September 6, 2016 by Bluteule. This skill allows you to dominate everything within 11.5 km. This ship is a headscratcher for me. Did not take BFT, because like on my Bismarck, I took BoS instead, opting for shorter duration on fires, as the secondary damage doesn't justify BFT, imo. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Best way to know your enemy's ship is to play it. A lot of people tell you not to snipe in German BB's, but honestly it's better that you snipe for the first 8-10 minutes as ships move into position and some of the flame throwing cruisers thin out. User account menu. BFT increases the secondaries rate of fire and really helps with AA. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1,740 battles [PDF] … Hey guys! Here is where you bring in and learn to effectively use Manual Secondaries. The only questions that remains on my side, is fire prevention any better now? At this tier, I find secondary builds to be quite gimmicky and does extremely little. Friedrich was a departure from the Secondaries-brawling of the Bismarck. Maybe I should just accept that this ship handles like a brick. Guns: Well, with the T9 Main Battery Mod (the only one I deemed worth taking), this ship at least gets an upgrade here. Reason for that is, at T9/10 the offensive power of main guns is staggering. Beware of cruisers, tho. If you angle your hull slightly, everything bounces. By Just supported my team and used concealment when needed. If you want to go to the GK you should wait till you get a free re-spec to tankiness options as Tier 10 battles are a lot less likely to result in a brawl. At least, people seem less likely to expect a secondary FdG than a secondary Bismarck. Secondary mod 2 because duh. agree, you don't charge in first thing. Alternatively, the 420's are simply huge damage at a reasonable reload as well. My grind towards Tier X will be an honorable one, good sir! Any ideas how I can put fear in the hearts of my enemies with this ship? I liked playing her, I had full survivability build with concealment. Concealment is pretty bad, so best to use islands. Best captain skills for the build it's on. Be especially careful in battles with ships like Musashi and Yamato that are in a league of their own for long range fire. Secondaries: Well, in Bismarck this at least worked and you could feel happy about the secondary rainbow. This ship is a headscratcher for me. I once had a legendary match where I (Friedrich der Große) was together with an enemy Yamato seperated from the rest of the players behind a long island. Hence concealment and MB3. I cannot yet tell whether secondary spec works out that well, ship still feels a bit iffy, but at least one can watch the secondary rainbow at 11.5 km. I know y'all can say that you can just Free XP off of it LOL, but I wanna work through it, especially since it we got the free week of premium (Thanks Wargaming!) So having points for a secondary build... Armour: Hull, yes. Archived. The big German battleships are getting an accuracy improvement on their main guns with the Version 0.8.11 release which will likely make the whole line more competitive. But with it your 105mm HE as well as the 150mm cannon secondaries are now melting cruisers and hurting BBs pretty badly and that is your job. As far as battleships go, there are three types. At the five minute mark you can expect to be close to a cap and bullying, EM allows your turrets to stay on target when in a brawl. Your are now causing tons of hard to repair structural damage as well as lighting your opponents on fire. I have them and they seem to be much less effective than on the bismarck. Link to post Share on other sites. I feel like in so many areas, you get to start patching up the issues of your size that many of the interesting parts of the Bismarck fall away and you are left with an oversized ship that has bad accuracy and bad dpm unless you can somehow show broadside without losing half your hp. , The current meta you need to invest in tank build, Get Aiming Mod 1 , Damage Control1, Damage Control2,Concealment, Main Battery reload booster, This giant ship you have to be somewhat pushing in order to be more effective ... that why people chose fxp, Of course the meta now is long range and your primary weapon happens to have bad dispersion on it, So hitting shots at range will depends on RNG, Some battleships are just soooooooo harder-hitting! These are the same secondaries, just, T9-10 matches hardly ever get into these ranges. 0 [PDF] OneFitzableBoi. A fight you can't win? The primary gun accuracy module doesn't seem to do much for me. That's a different ship though. The size and handling don't make it easy so you have to be spot on with your timing. Diesel-Power... Hoffentlich setzt Wargaming das irgendwie um. The sweet spot in terms of fun for me were and are Bismark and FDG in the German line of BBs. Never submarines, they said. In order of priority aiming for a 19 point Captain, I opted for EL, EM, BFT, AFT, the absolutely devastating Manual Secondaries, IFHE, and finished off with PM. To be honest I didn't have any issues with mine. I liked the guns. I ground all the way through the German BB line on the NA server using the Bismark and FDG with full secondary builds. You already have a topic how to play this ship. And you now are so large, Fire Prevention really becomes necessary. The secondaries seem to be exactly the same as the ones on the Bismarck, so no upgrade there, full secondary build does not seem very good in t10 battles. I haven't forgotten this thread, just tried implementing some of the advice over the past few days. Use the tankiness to absorb damage, back off to heal up, rinse and repeat. I don't even want the Kurfürst, I'm considering selling this ship, or at least leaving it be, because it was some 25 million credit mistake. Member. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Don't forget to opt for concealment. Pesky DDs nearby? i STOMPED thru my games in a secondary build der grobe on the way to the kurfurst. He want bow-on and so did I. Then everyone shoots your massive superstructure. I read some threads on reddit that it is a really bad skill.  And since it's been a little over a year since the latest FDG guide was talked about, I reckon we can get a little update, too. Let someone else tank the damage lol. Friedrich seems to have magic accuracy buff against those and simply deletes them. 1,211 posts. Now those are some nice stats! The EL in the build allows you to punish DDs and cruisers in the early game and when your secondaries are not yet fully buffed. Is a full concealment viable? idk what you're talking about. But now that I have this extra coin, I can afford that Friedrich der Große. 3 years ago. Friedrich der Große Sign in to follow this . took me 52 matches to finish the friedrich. In my Bismarck, the ship actually feels compact and resilient and I'm at least a bottom tier BB that is not expected to carry hard. I only have one German Captain that can manage a full secondary build, so if I go into this ship, I wont have any competent German captains to take over the Bismarck. werde ich auch mal umskillen und den Secondary-Build mal testen auf T9. Oh alright, ahaha. o7 The first type tends towards the battlecruiser type, the ships that tend to move around and make use of their speed and firepower to crush a flank. 1,722 battles. With the stealth, you get about 13km surface detection- by then, enemy ships are within a good distance for accurate shots. Maneuverability: I at first went for Steering Gears mod, thinking it might be better to have actually good rudder shift. To be fair though, the Bismarck really is still up there, once it's on a good captain that can handle a secondary build~ Just bow-on, steaming forward slowly, until you have the chance to broadside and just melt an opponent down as fast as you can.

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