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[1][154] Clayton called the process "about the craziest thing you could do to yourself", while Mullen said of it, "It was mad, but it was mad good, as opposed to mad bad. Underneath Bono's position at the front of the main stage were 16 Servo Drive sub-bass units. [62], Plans for stadium shows were first mentioned by Iredale in March 1992,[41] but not confirmed until the 23 April announcement of the "Outside Broadcast" leg in North America. [118] Bono often made a crank call from the stage as his persona of the time. Lighting was also provided by 11 Trabants; two were suspended from cranes while the others were supported by a hydraulic system. The transmissions were arranged with help from American aid worker Bill Carter. [186] Zoo TV sold 2.9 million tickets that year for North America and Europe combined. Directed by Kevin Godley, the programme was broadcast in North America on Fox, and in Europe via Channel 4, Premiere, France 2, Rai Uno, RTVE, TV1000, and Veronica. The Asbury Park Press wrote that the long string of Achtung Baby song presentations that opened the show made one forget about the band's past, and that "almost everything you knew about U2 a couple years ago is, in fact, wrong now". [31], Two November 1993 "Zoomerang" shows in Sydney were filmed on consecutive nights as part of a worldwide television broadcast. Olsen. [19] Dodds' video crew comprised 12 people: four camera operators, four staffers running computers in the front of house position, and four members underneath the stage controlling the video screens. In contrast to his earnest stage persona of the 1980s, as The Fly, Bono strutted around the stage with "swagger and style", exhibiting mannerisms of an egotistical rock star. The concert at Roundhay Park in Leeds was supplemented by time-delayed speaker towers from SSE Hire due to the venue's elongated shape, making it the only show on the tour to use delay speakers. "[87] As the character, Bono spoke with an exaggerated Southern US accent. [128] In 2010, Clayton recalled that "Bono had been calling Salman Rushdie from the stage every night on the Zoo TV tour. U2 were Clair Brothers' first client to use the company's nascent "flying" PA system, which designers were able to position behind the staging area. Zoo Station, The Fly, Even Better Than The Real Thing, Mysterious Ways / Love To Love You Baby (snippet), One / Hear Us Coming (snippet) / Unchained Melody (snippet), Until the End of the World, New Year's Day, Dirty Old Town, Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World, Wedding March (snippet) / Angel of Harlem, When … [155][80] On the tour's final stop in Japan, McGuinness confirmed that T-shirt sales, which had topped 600,000 in North America in 1992,[190] drove Zoo TV's profitability: "We grossed $30 million in T-shirt sales. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program, This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. [48][49] The system used about one million watts of power and weighed 60,000 pounds (27,000 kg). "[80] Bono later said: "When we built Zoo TV, we were so close to bankruptcy that if 5% fewer people went, U2 was bankrupt. Which is what set us up for Zoo TV. This weekend U2 return to Berlin, the city where they recorded Achtung Baby. [65] Rehearsals for "Outside Broadcast" began in Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on 2 August 1992. He had the confidence and charm to pick up a mirror and look at himself and give the glass a big kiss. [20] With the support of bassist Adam Clayton, she recruited visual artists from Europe and the United States to arrange images that would be used on the display screens. [208] Both groups disagreed and were livid at Deal, particularly Pixies frontman Black Francis. [23] Additional pre-recorded video content was created by Eno, Williams, Kevin Godley, Carol Dodds, and Philip Owens. Originally hired to write the Zoo TV tour programme,[54] he played music from inside a Trabant on the B-stage, while providing commentary and wearing a cape and top hat. After two arena legs, the show's production was expanded for stadiums for the final three legs, which were branded "Outside Broadcast", "Zooropa", and "Zoomerang/New Zooland", respectively. [43], Rehearsals for the tour began in December 1991 at The Factory in Dublin. [59] Tickets for the opening show on 29 February in Lakeland, Florida, sold out over the phone in four minutes,[56] with demand exceeding supply by a factor of ten to one. [223] In 2009, critic Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune said, "Zoo TV remains the finest supersized tour mounted by any band in the last two decades. The stage monitor system used 60 speakers, which were mixed from two separate positions, each with two consoles providing 160-channel capacities. U2 Zooropa Tour 1993Europe. [13] In May, he brainstormed the idea to construct a lighting system of recycled Trabants. [16] Williams and the group proposed many ideas that did not make it to the final stage design. [30] The band's embracing of such technology was meant as a radical departure in form, and as a commentary on the pervasive nature of technology. This song has been played 77 times as full song or snippet. [65] The idea had been inspired by the successful informality of the Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special. [220] He punctuated these monologues by saying, "when you don't believe that I exist, that's when I do my best work". [107] The Star-Ledger said that the band shortchanged its music with its video presentations and that especially during the opening sequence, "one was only aware of the music as a soundtrack to the real 'show'". [22] Pellington conceived the idea to flash text phrases on the visual displays, inspired by his collaborations with artists Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger. To help focus the sound, the engineers installed a semicircle of Clair Brothers' P4 cabinets, comprising four arrays of six cabinets each, around the perimeter of the stage. [158], On 9 September 1992, a portion of U2's performance at the Pontiac Silverdome was broadcast live to the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. The troupe wore oversized papier-mâché heads of the members of U2 and playacted a miming parody of them. [65] At the group's suggestion, Fallon published a book about the tour entitled U2 Faraway So Close. Buyer pays for return shipping, An item that has been used or worn previously. [140] The MacPhisto character was realised during rehearsal the night before U2's first 1993 show. [118] Bono portrayed this alter ego on the first three legs of the tour, but replaced him with MacPhisto for the 1993 legs. Eno explained: "their show depends on some kind of response to what's happening at the moment in that place. For "Bullet the Blue Sky", the video screens displayed burning crosses and swastikas. Here's what it was like in 1990. [19][51] All of the projection screens were replaced with video cubes, as the projectors were not bright enough for the European summer nights when daylight lasted later. [76] Band members, especially Mullen, were uncertain that the tour would be profitable. [50] Both songs presented a low-key, introspective conclusion to the show, in contrast to the dynamic, aggressive opening; the group also wanted to move away from its tradition of ending concerts with the fan sing-along favourite "40". [1][101] During parts of the tour, the band attracted the fashion crowd; Clayton's romantic relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell and Bono's friendship with supermodel Christy Turlington made them the subjects of unwanted tabloid attention. [148] While in Sarajevo, Carter had seen a television interview on MTV in which Bono mentioned the theme of the "Zooropa" leg was a unified Europe. U2 tour history » Songs » Zooropa. [44] A 2.5K HMI Fresnel fixture was mounted to the metal bar that previously held the vehicle's backseat, and was fitted with an LSD ColourMag colour magazine and a dowser; a 5K fixture was originally used but had to be replaced after causing the car to melt after five minutes. [147] In 2002, he said: "I can't remember anything more excruciating than those Sarajevo link-ups. "[154] McGuinness later said the band had nearly wrecked themselves in the process. McGuinness had planned larger outdoor concerts in Berlin, Turin, Poland, and Vienna to help the tour break even, but only the Vienna concert occurred. [168] U2 originally planned to produce the concert with MTV for a January 1994 "triplecast" that would have offered three different perspectives of the show on three separate television channels. [72][73] Scheduling for the "Zoomerang" leg afforded the band more off-days between shows than previous legs, but this amplified the exhaustion and restlessness that had set in by the tour's end. [66][67] Technical problems and pacing issues forced refinement to the show. After receiving the item, contact seller within. [15][18] Owens was insistent that her ideas be given priority, as she thought that men had been making all of U2's creative decisions and were using male-centred designs. In early August 1993, after the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust rejected the band's application to perform at the Sydney Football Stadium in November, Bono publicly questioned the city's viability as a candidate to host the 2000 Summer Olympics; the trust's decision was made despite allowing concerts by Madonna and Michael Jackson to be held at Sydney Cricket Ground in November. Zoo TV and Achtung Baby were central to the group's 1990s reinvention. [52] The band found it challenging to recreate all the sounds from the new album. Two lighting trusses were used to illuminate the audience, consisting of ACL wash fixtures for "little pools of light", eight fixtures to initially brighten the venue, and ultraviolet wash light. We allowed ourselves to be carried away by new technology. [17] The band played Williams some of their new music—inspired by alternative rock, industrial music, and electronic dance music—and they told him about the "Zoo TV" phrase that Bono liked. Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. [77][78] PolyGram CEO Alain Levy was unable to convince Philips to help, and the band had to pay for the Vidiwalls themselves;[79] Levy did convince PolyGram to contribute about US$500,000 to the tour as a gesture of goodwill. $34.99 + $3.99 shipping . [205] In October 2014, Bono said that the reason he continued to wear sunglasses was because he suffers from glaucoma. [31] The production control system, which was operated by Dodds and a crew of 18 people,[32] included ten Pioneer LDV8000 LaserDisc players, two Sony Betacam SP BVW-75 tape decks, two Sony 9800 ​3⁄4-inch SP tape decks, four Ikegami HL-55A CCD cameras, two Sony Video8 Handycams (nicknamed "Bonocams"), and one point-of-view camera. [23] The concept was first put into practice in the video for Achtung Baby's lead single, "The Fly". [74], Although Zoo TV was listed as co-sponsored by MTV,[75] the group decided against explicit corporate sponsorship. It made the point so easily and with real humor. Williams had recently worked on David Bowie's Sound+Vision Tour, which used film projection and video content, and he was keen to "take rock show video to a level as yet undreamed of". You don't want a stage show where everything fits neatly into place and it's all nicely organized and people know exactly where the center of attention is at all moments.' 05/09/1993 Feyenoord Stadium - Rotterdam, Netherlands. [33], The North American arena shows, many of which featured in-the-round seating, used 72 Clair Brothers S4 Series II speakers, in positions of stage left and right, rear fill stage left and right, and left and right sidefill. The article featured their criticisms of U2 for the supposed poor treatment the Pixies received. Before their 3 July show in Verona, the band met with Carter to give an interview about Bosnia for Radio Televizija Bosne I Hercegovina.

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