The Rev. Canon Anne E. Kitch
Canon for Ministry Formation and Transitions

Your statutes have been like songs to me
wherever I have lived as a stranger.
Psalm 119:54

I pick up just the right kind of flat stone and skip it across the water. Not my best, but not too shabby either. The scene is familiar, though I haven’t been this particular way for a long time.

It there any place in God’s creation where I am truly a stranger, or unwelcome? Perhaps any strangeness is only what I bring with me. God’s love and guidance are constant, regardless of where I travel. Can I truly ever, then, be away from home?

I pick up another stone. The movement evokes other riverbanks, lakeshores, creeksides. Surely this river is none other than the river of life, and I have been walking beside it all along, buoyed by its song of redemption. It is simply a matter of recognizing where I am.



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