The Rt. Rev. Kevin Nichols
610-619-5655 x 226
Pastoral Oversight
Wardens Concerns

Steven Baker
Canon for Mission Resources and Chief Operating Officer
610-691-5655 x 258
Strategic priorities
Grant support

Paula Lapinski
Missioner for Finance & Administration
610-691-5655 x 222
Administration of benefits
Financial support
Event management
Building administration

Sandy Milien
Canon for Racial Reconciliation and Community Engagement
610-691-5655 x 227
Community engagement
Scheduling for the Bishop

Cynthia L. Bakos
610-691-5655 x 223
New Hope finances

Diocesan Resource Contacts

The Rev. Charlie Barebo
Missioner for Stewardship & New Hope Chair

The Rev. Michelle Moyer
Intake Officer

Jean Milien
Communications Consultant

The Rev. Dennis Reid
Consulting Missioner for Convocations