Convention Details

The 150th Diocesan Convention for the Diocese of Bethlehem will be held virtually on October 2nd, 2021. Zoom details for the webinar will be sent to registrants closer to the event. Only voting members will be permitted onto the Convention Webinar due to voting restrictions. Others are encouraged to watch via the Facebook stream.

Convention Registration

Online registration is now open, click here to register.

PreConvention Meetings

PreConvention meetings will be held on two separate evenings. Both nights will begin at 6:30 pm. Please click on the date to register.

Thursday, September 9th
Tuesday, September 14th

Resolutions Submitted to the 150th Diocesan Convention Include:

2022 Clergy Salary (PDF)

2022 Budget (PDF)

Proposed Assessment & Acceptance – 2022 (PDF)

Proposed Budget Summary (PDF)

Resolution on Amendment of the Canons (PDF)

Nominees Submitted to 150th Diocesan Convention Include:

    The following nominations have been received: click here to read details on each nominee. (PDF)

               The Commission on Ministry – One (1) clergy person and one (1) lay person for a four-year term


    The Rev. Rodney Conn – Cathedral Church of the Nativity


    Patti Alleger – Christ Church Stroudsburg (second term)

    The Diocesan Council  – Two (2) clergy persons and two (2) lay persons for a four-year term


    The Rev. Michelle Moyer – Cathedral Church of the Nativity (second term)

    The Rev. Sidnie Crawford – Christ Church Stroudsburg


    Sara McNelis – Grace Church Kingston (second term)

    Wayne Evans – St. James / St.George Jermyn

    Rick Wolf – Christ Church Reading

      The Standing Committee – One (1) clergy person and one (1) lay person for a four-year term


      The Rev. Doug Moyer – Retired (second term)


      Lynne Graham – St. Paul’s Montrose (second term)

      Lay Delegates to Diocesan Convention

      Based on Title I Canon 1 Section 2 of the Canons of the Diocese of Bethlehem

      Each Parish and each Mission shall elect one or more Lay Delegates based on the number of lay members as reported in the annual Parochial Report for the year ending December 31 preceding to to represent said Parish and Mission in Convention; and may also elect Alternates, equal in number to the Delegates to which the Parish or Mission is entitled, to take the place of the regular Delegates in case of absence:

      Number of Lay Members Reported in Parochial Report
      Less than 100                             1 (one) Lay Delegate
      100 – 299                                    2 (two) Lay Delegates
      300 – 499                                    3 (three) Lay Delegates
      500 – 699                                    4 (four) Lay Delegates

      Parishes or Missions reporting 700 or more lay members in the Parochial Report shall have an additional delegate for each additional 199 lay members reported above 700.

      Download the Certificate of Election of Lay Delegates as a Word document or PDF

      Convention Journals

      2020 Convention Journal (PDF)
      2019 Convention Journal (PDF)
      2018 Convention Journal (PDF)
      2017 Convention Journal (PDF)
      2016 Convention Journal (PDF) and 2016 Journal Addendum Canonical and Constitutional Resolutions (PDF)
      2015 Convention Journal (PDF)
      2014 Convention Journal (PDF)