Post Convention Essentials

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Diocesan Convention 2022

The 151st Diocesan Convention was held virtually Saturday, October 1, 2022.

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Please read the Rules of Order (PDF)

Proposed changes to the Constitution and Canons from General Convention – click here to read. (PDF)

Resolutions referred out to the dioceses from General Convention – click here to read. (PDF)

Resolutions Accepted at the 151st Diocesan Convention include:

Resolution 1: 2023 Clergy Salary Schedule as amended (PDF)

Resolution 2: 2023 Budget of the Diocese of Bethlehem (PDF)

Resolution 3: Amendments to the Canons of the Diocese of Bethlehem (PDF)

Resoltuion 4: Amendment to the Constitution of the Diocese of Bethlehem (first reading) (PDF)

Resolution 5: Resolution Seeking Study of a Potential Reunification of the Diocese of Central Pennyslvania and the Diocese of Bethlehem (PDF)

  • The conversation between Bishop Audrey Scanlan, Diocese of Central PA and Bishop Kevin Nichols, Diocese of Bethlehem: click here.

Nominees Electd at the 151st Diocesan Convention Include:

The Standing Committee – for a four-year term

The Rev. Rodney Conn, Cathedral Nativity, Bethlehem

Charles Dickerson, Trinity, Easton

The Diocesan Council – for a three-year term

The Rev. Susan Treanor, Trinity, Mt. Pocono

The Rev. Dr. Jane Williams, Cathedral Nativity, Bethlehem (second term)

Joan Duckloe, Christ, Stroudsburg

Rick Wolf, Christ, Reading

The Commission on Ministry – for a three-year term

The Rev. Bruce Gowe, Christ, Stroudsburg

Lay – vacant

General Convention Deputies – for a three-year term

  Clergy: Deputies Clergy: Alternates
1. The Rev. Jane Arrington Bender 5. The Rev. Susan Treanor
2. The Rev. Rebecca Barnes 6. The Rev. Jay O’Rear
3. The Rev. Dr. Margaret Pendergast 7. The Rev. Bruce Gowe
4. The Rev. Tim Alleman
  Lay: Deputies Lay: Alternates
1. Cathy Bailey 5. Charles Dickerson
2. Judie Dickerson 6. Jaina Nortey
3. Jay Miller
4. Cynthia Nortey


Diocesan Convention 2023

The 152nd Diocesan Convention will be held Friday, October 13th and Saturday, October 14th, 2023.

Centennial Conference Center – Homewood Suites by Hilton Center Valley – more details to follow.

Lay Delegates to Diocesan Convention

Based on Title I Canon 1 Section 2 of the Canons of the Diocese of Bethlehem. Each Parish and each Mission shall elect one or more Lay Delegates based on the number of lay members as reported on the annual Parochial Report for the year ending December 31 preceding to represent said Parish and Mission in the Convention; and may also elect Alternates, equal in number to the Delegates to which the Parish or Mission is entitled, to the take the place of the regular Delegates in case of absence.

Lay Members on                Number of Lay
Parochial Report                Delegates

Less than 100         1 (one) Lay Delegate
100 – 299                2 (two) Lay Delegates
300 – 499               3 (three) Lay Delegates
500 – 699               4 (four) Lay Delegates

Parishes or Missions reporting 700 or more lay members in the Parochial Report shall have an additional delegate for each additional 199 lay members reported above 700. Download the Certificate of Election of Lay Delegates as a Word document or PDF.