Social Media Guidelines

The Church Pension Group, in partnership with The Nathan Network, provides these Model Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse to the Episcopal Church, which include Recommended Practices and Guidelines for Social Media and Electronic Communications for Children and Youth.

Download the Guidelines

Example Photo Release Form for Children in Word

Example Photo Release Form for Children in PDF

Copyright Solutions

Copyright compliance can be overwhelming and complex for most church leaders. With that in mind, we have partnered with Christian Copyright Solutions to provide you with the answers and resources you need. Christian Copyright Solutions offers special discounts and custom services to help your parish become copyright compliant.

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Request a Consultation

If you’d like to request a consultation with Megan Dembi, Missioner for Communications, please fill out a request form and send her an email with your church’s latest newsletter, bulletin, and any other regular communications you send out. If those items are only available via hardcopy, please mail them to:

Megan Dembi
Diocese of Bethlehem
333 Wyandotte St.
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