On June 20, Bishop Anthony Poggo of the Diocese of Kajo-Keji in the Episcopal Church in Sudan and South Sudan wrote an update about the current situation in that country. “In short: the situation in the country as a whole is troubling but in Kajo-Keji area there is no direct impact of the conflict,” he writes.

He reports, however, that the price of commodities and fuel have risen, that development projects are stalled, and that diocesan staff have twice been robbed at gunpoint while traveling on the road from Kajo-Keji to Juba. Salaries paid to government workers in the diocese’s schools have also been delayed.

Poggo asks the diocese’s partners to pray and to support the next stage of school development and the construction of a primary health center. “We are really encouraging our partners to continue to support the development in areas where there is peace,” he writes.

Read Bishop Poggo’s letter.