Bishop Kevin D. Nichols and the Rev. Charlie Barebo will be visiting the Diocese of Kajo Keji, South Sudan later this month.

“It’s a privilege to be able to see the partnership that has been forged between our dioceses over many years,” said Nichols. “I’m looking forward to building new relationships with Bishop Emmanuel and the people of Kajo Keji–to worship with them, listen to them, and be present with them during this difficult journey.” Read more about the situation in Kajo Keji.

The Rev. Charlie Barebo was integral to the creation of the New Hope school system, an initiative of the Diocese of Bethlehem which created five primary schools, a high school, a college, and dormitories for the people of the Diocese of Kajo Keji. Learn more about the dioceses’ companion relationship.

Bishop Kevin and Deacon Charlie will begin their travels on February 14 and return on February 20. We ask for your continued prayers during this time.