January 13, 2015

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

As we begin 2015, I am glad to report that we are making progress in reorganizing the diocese to align our staff, resources and structures with the work we need to do to become a more spiritually vital, financially healthy diocese. The staff has been restructured, the listening process led by Episcopal Moment has concluded and we will soon issue its report, and later this year, the diocese’s governance bodies will consider strategic planning issues and possible improvements to the diocese’s governance structures.

I am grateful to the lay and clergy leaders across the diocese who have committed themselves to the work that lies ahead. In particular, the diocesan staff is working to foster continued change, and I invite you to be in touch with them when they can help support your congregation’s ministry and mission:


The Ven. Rick Cluett
610-691-5655, ext. 227

Rick returned to the diocesan staff in November to assist me by serving as the diocese’s chief of staff, advising me about the development and implementation of diocesan policies and programs, visiting and worshiping with congregations to support their ministries and missions, and assisting clergy in their ministries. Read more about Rick’s role.


The Rev. Canon Anne Kitch
Canon for Faith Formation and Transitions
610-691-5655, ext. 222

Anne assumed this new role in December. She will be working to foster ministry networks across the diocese, to support congregations in transition, to support lay leadership training, and clergy wellness, and to oversee the discernment and ordination process.


R. Bruce Reiner
Comptroller and Assistant Treasurer
610-691-5655, ext. 230

Bruce manages financial, tax and insurance matters, and can help congregations with parish administration issues and parochial reports.


Dan Charney
Stewardship Missioner

Dan works with congregations that want to reinvigorate their stewardship programs.


Adam Bond
Missioner for Communications

Adam is working to streamline and consolidate our diocesan communications, which we expect to relaunch in the next few months.


The Rev. Canon Jane Teter
610-691-5655, ext. 228

Jane is the chaplain to the diocese’s retired clergy.


The Rev. Canon Bill Lewellis
Communications Minister/Editor

Bill is the editor of the diocese’s DioBeth newSpin blog and newsletter.


Nanette Smith
Administrative Assistant
610-691-5655, ext. 222

Nanette supports both my ministry and Archdeacon Rick’s, and also manages information on clergy and parish administrative assistants.


Cindy Bakos
610-691-5655, ext. 223

Cindy manages the diocese’s accounts receivable and billing and New Hope grant funds.


As we continue to celebrate the season of Epiphany and the light of Christ among us, I believe that here in the Diocese of Bethlehem, we are making progress toward being an even brighter source of God’s love and grace in our communities. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our ministry.




The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe

Bishop Provisional