The Rev. Donald Schaible
St. Anne’s, Trexlertown

Major changes in life are usually very unsettling. If you have ever changed from one denomination to another it can be a big personal readjustment. The new church offers the opportunity for new friends and the satisfaction of responding to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we follow God’s call. For those around us, it can be perplexing and a strain on our relationships. Change does not come easy or without consequences. While the transition is a challenge, we can expect much of what happens.

Changes within a church community are sometimes more difficult. To pick up and move to another established community provides a secure landing. However, when a parish engages new possibilities, expressions, and relationships we do not know how it will look in the end. Making new connections, working with new partners in new ways, and finding common ground challenges us to place our trust in God. While we know that all things are best in God’s hands, it is hard to give control to another – even God.

Scripture is full of examples of the rewards of trusting in God and following the Spirit beyond the familiar. Who expected a few loaves and fishes to feed 5000? Scripture reminds us that in faith there is salvation. Let us pray, discern, and be ready for the wonderful things God has planned for us.


Image Copyright: kawing921 / 123RF Stock Photo