Constitution and Canons

The Constitution and Canons are the rules governing the diocese and of the Episcopal church.

Diocese of Bethlehem: Constitution effective September 30, 2017

   Canons effective October 12, 2018

2018 Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church

State of the Church

The State of the Church report is required by Article VIII of the Constitution of the Diocese of Bethlehem. The Standing Committee is to assess and report on the state of the church in this diocese. For the past several years, including this report for 2014, the report has been developed by Canon Bob Wilkins, a former treasurer of the diocese and a past president of the Incorporated Trustees. The report is developed, in part, using the information provided by parishes in their Parochial Reports, along with demographic information provided by several sources. The Report is received by the bishop and Standing Committee, and approved for submission to the diocese. The information in the report can be a valuable resource for local congregations and the diocese as they make plans for  mission and ministry into the future.

2014 State of the Church