A transcript of the message:

Though many consider Easter to be a time to eat chocolate and paint beautiful eggs, we who have come to know Christ know that it is so much more. On Easter we celebrate all that God has done for us through Christ’s death and resurrection. This miraculous event, this rising from the grave, was an act of love.

We as Christians celebrate Easter to remember this love that God has shown to us–a love so great that not even death can separate us from it. And because we were given this gift through an act of extreme selflessness, we, in turn, are to respond with generosity, forgiveness and loving others as God has forgiven and loved us. Our entire view of the world—how we look at everything around us, what kind of life we will live, what kind of death we will die, and what will happen after we die, have been completely transformed because of this one final act of love that changed EVERYTHING. So we are compelled to live not only for ourselves, but for others, and especially for the one who died for us, and rose again for us.

Let us remember that this act of love has ensured that everything at all times and in all places have been made new. Let us remember that God’s love for us is so great that it knows no bounds, even the bounds of death. And let us remember that this greatest gift we have been given, this gift of immeasurable love, is one that we are to share with each other, and with the world.