The Rev. Donald Schaible
St. Anne’s, Trexlertown

The Annual fall youth retreat, Connect 2, will be held at Kirby House on November 11-13. They should sell tickets. The tickets would not be for the youth staff, the retreatants, or adult staff. The tickets would be for those who would like an excellent opportunity to see Christian love, prayer, evangelism, community building, stewardship, and a great time all at one time and one place. I doubt you could find a better workshop anywhere!

Our Diocesan youth excel at living and sharing their faith with other youth and our Diocese. Their dedication and depth of faith is inspiring. If you ever question whether or not the Spirit is alive in our Diocese, attend a youth event!

While we will not be selling tickets, Connect and the other youth activities in our Diocese are excellent opportunities to see what Pilgrimage is all about. All are encouraged to join or support our youth as they exercise their roles in our church.

Our Diocesan pilgrimage has highlighted three foundational components to focus our efforts: Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. All three are present and done well in youth ministry in the Diocese. Is it a coincidence that the first is “Connect?” I think not.