Sara McNelis
Grace Church, Kingston

(Part I of III)

The request for me to participate in blogging about my journey during this Pilgrimage comes at a very appropriate time for me and I am honored to share some personal thoughts and reflections with all of you. This very morning, as I mapped out my Saturday, I had a long ‘to do list’ ready and waiting for my attention and nurturing: do the laundry, finish my charting, update and send my resume online, write this reflection. At the onset, it seemed a little daunting, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Nothing I haven’t had to do before. I can forge ahead. I can get it all done. For, in the end, rewards of great accomplishment and success await. Right?

Well, as often happens in my life, this day did not go at all as planned. I slept later than I hoped, so the ‘time crunch’ was on. The puppy decided to make a game out of stealing and hiding clean clothes. I completely ‘jacked’ up my email while trying to send my resume from one electronic device to another (to apply for a new job that I’m not sure I even want). I left my work computer charger at the last place I worked yesterday afternoon. I can’t upload my resume online because the website says I forgot my password, but when I try to retrieve my password, it says I never created a password. Now, I can’t get to the email where I need to upload this article when I am done writing. AND, it’s now early evening. No accomplishments; no successes. Just a series of frustrations creating more tasks requiring my attention. But, it’s OK (*deep sigh*). Why is it OK? How is it fine? Saturday is ‘that’ day–the day I nurture and attend to maintenance tasks in my life. It’s OK because on Saturday, I can expect these things. I can prepare myself for these hiccups and frustrations. But, Sunday, now THAT is an ‘all together’ different day…

[To be continued]

Image Copyright: chrisdorney / 123RF Stock Photo