The Rev. Donald Schaible
St. Anne’s, Trexlertown

There is a large church in Allentown. It serves the needy people in many different ways. They serve food, provide clothes, and organize a clinic among other things. The building has an updated commercial kitchen, stocked food pantry, and a good supply of clothes to distribute. As their resources run low, numerous churches and organizations work together to make sure that there is enough to distribute to those who have a need. Even the worship space is impressive.

The pastor inherited the building from the congregation who originally built it at the turn of the century. Their membership was dwindling and they wanted to get out of the city. One of the major reasons congregations lose vitality is that they forget the core of the Gospel message. Charity and care of others is at the very heart of being Christian. It is no wonder that some congregations struggle when outreach and the needs of neighbor are separated from worship and being a Christian family/community.

We are charged to “love our neighbor as yourself.” In Luke, the parable of the Good Samaritan teaches us that being a good neighbor is showing compassion to those in need. Jesus tells us to “go and do the same” as the Good Samaritan. On pilgrimage we must not forget others as we seek our way. As part of our journey we do not forget the needy but bring them along with us.
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